Cooking for kids: recipes and tips

cooking for kids
Recipes, tips and information about the most delicious children’s meals

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When it comes to cooking for kids, ideas may run out. But do not worry! We bring you delicious recipes for kids as well as information and tips for healthy dishes.

What can I cook for children? Recipes and ideas

When it comes to planning lunch, many parents ask themselves: What can I cook? cooking for kids It can sometimes be quite a challenge when ideas are missing or time is short or young gourmets just don’t like eating this or that. We will help you make a decision easily and tell you our favorite children’s recipes for main dishes and snacks.

With these recipes, every meal favorite becomes a vitamin bomb:

  • Pasta with tomato sauce It can be wonderfully evoked from fresh tomatoes and basil.
  • pancakes Delicious taste with fresh fruit and yoghurt.
  • to Meatballs or chicken pieces from the oven You can serve a small salad covered with chopped carrot hearts.
  • at Mashed potato or pasta casserole Peas or baby carrot pieces are excellent for mixing.
  • at Oven vegetable or vegetable frying pan with quark herbs Your children’s favorite vegetables can be used as you wish. Everyone loves it that way!
  • to fish fingers You can serve soft peas or spinach. So the dish still contains a full portion of vitamins.
  • hidden in Pasta casserole, lasagna or potato gratin Chopped vegetables or served with a side salad.
  • cook With a lot of vegetables is better if you use them, for example, like “Viking bowl” Marks and cut sausage in it.
  • waffles can also Vegetable waffles be ready. Grate a few carrots and zucchini, squeeze the water, mix them with flour and eggs, and put them in the waffle iron. Add some quarks and you’ve got a well-balanced kids’ meal.

Easy, healthy and quick recipes for kids

If you’re wondering what you can cook healthy for kids, here’s our answer: All the kids’ recipes you’ll find here are quick to prepare, suitable for everyday use, and packed with healthy ingredients.

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Cooking vegetarian food for kids

Meat doesn’t always have to be meat, which is why we’ve put together quick recipes for kids’ meatless lunches here. Vegetarian cuisine offers a lot of variety and, above all, a lot of fresh variety with vegetables.

Kids snacks

Kids snacks It must be healthy and filling And of course Meet your children’s taste. At best, you should avoid biscuits, sweets, crackers and similar snacks and choose foods that provide plenty of vitamins and minerals. are optimal Whole-grain sandwiches, muesli, dairy, or fruit and vegetables.

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Cooking for children: you should pay attention to this

If it’s up to the little ones, there’s probably noodles, fish fingers, chicken nuggets, French fries, or waffles for lunch every day. There is nothing wrong with healthy side dishes made with lots of fresh vegetables and fruits. In general, it is of course important that your children love the food they cook. In addition, they should Children’s meals should be as fresh, varied and balanced as possible.

When cooking for kids, you can follow these five rules:

  1. The more colors the better.
  2. The fresher the better.
  3. The more diverse, the better.
  4. Make it yourself instead of buying it a treat.
  5. Use little or no hot seasoning.

Basic rules for choosing a balanced food


  • vegetables
  • fruit
  • bread
  • wheat
  • Muesli (unsweetened)
  • Potato
  • macaroni
  • rice
  • Beverages (unsweetened tea, heavily diluted juices, water)


  • milk
  • Dairy products
  • Meat
  • cheese
  • egg
  • sausage
  • fish


  • oil
  • butter
  • ghee
  • candies

Why is cooking important for children

Babies are constantly growing, moving a lot and constantly learning, that’s how they are An adequate supply of vitamins, energy and minerals is especially urgently needed. Many ready-made meals contain a lot of sugar and fat and very little vitamins, which is always why Recommend to cook fresh and healthy food for kids. In addition, possible intolerances, individual desires and preferences can be taken into account and you always know what is in the food.

What to cook for children from 1 year?

Once children begin to sit independently, they usually want to try everything that adults eat. Baby food is becoming an increasingly secondary issue and bread, rolls, pasta and vegetables are becoming interesting. So it is only understandable to ask yourself as parents what you can cook for children from the age of one. In general, the same basic rules apply to adults and older children: Lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, low fat and many varieties.

Pay attention to this when cooking for children aged 1 and over

In young children should On spices and foods that are easily swallowedLike small tomatoes, grapes or nuts can be waivedSo that your baby can chew properly. since The nutritional requirements of young children are much higher than adults, but they eat much smaller portions, and care must also be taken to ensure that portions are Mainly vegetables or fruits with grains or rice made up.

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