DHDL Lucky Planet: The Plant Booster in the Test

Plants watered with Lucky Plant should be able to withstand stress better and grow vigorously. “The Plant Energy Drink” is very easy to use, promise founders Michael Ballack and Dr. Thomas Hoster and Bernard Unger. Does a DHDL product pass the daily GEO test?

The trend toward urban woods and a self-sufficient garden or balcony has increased during the pandemic. If you spend a lot of time at home, at least the house should be nice. However, few find that buying plants is done on a very different piece of paper than it is To maintain long-term health and beauty. Plant tonics can help LuckyPlantBehind him is a special kind of turf expert, former professional footballer Michael Ballack. With his good friend Bernard Unger, owner of a flower and plant shop and agronomist Dr. Thomas Hoster to develop a natural plant tonic. The three founders will present their products together in the VOX “Die Höhle der Löwen” programme.

“Using Lucky Plant results in more flowering and a longer flowering period. Lawns get stronger, harvest results higher,” explain Thomas Hüster and Michael Ballack: “Lucky Plant is the energy drink for plants.” We took a closer look at Happy Plant Booster and daily test On one infested with pests Monstera Deliciosa, Dieffenbachia and assorted white rubber tree exposed.

First impression

The silver tin containing the Lucky Plant tonic is somewhat reminiscent of the tea tin. When you open the jar, you will immediately notice how soft the Lucky Planet White Powder is. she has No smell of its own It should be stored dry at room temperature. The dosage is simple: if you want to fertilize green plants, loosen them Every 4-6 weeks One measuring spoon of the powder in 10 liters of irrigation water. A matching measuring spoon is included in the product. For vegetables, you can dissolve 2 measuring spoons per 10 liters. By the way, plant tonic is also available in . format tablet shapeto buy. This alternative is reminiscent of effervescent multivitamin tablets from the drugstore. If you throw them into the irrigation water, they behave the same way and dissolve with a hiss. The following applies here: one tablet per five liters of irrigation water for green plants and two tablets for vegetables.

Is Lucky Planet suitable for all plants?

What really hit me positively: Lucky Planet Suitable for all types of plants And decorates – according to the promise – both ornamental plants in the living room and herbs on the windowsill, as well as fruits and vegetables in the garden. As a plant lover, you can save a box full of specialized plant boosters by relying on Holistic Remedy. even in the lawn It is said to make the tonic more beautiful and healthier.

Loving plants, people and animals

According to the manufacturer, this Lucky Plant owns There are no harmful effects on humans or animalsor groundwater or ecosystem. Homegrown basil is still welcome on your spaghetti and tomatoes in your pasta sauce. plant booster It consists of herbal extracts It provides your plants with healthy nutrients. this is for Stronger growth, healthy roots and longer flowering period And strengthen the stressed and weak plants. One According to the manufacturer, overdose is not possible.

I can confirm this in my self-test: since I do not need five liters of water for pouring, I dissolved the tablet in a little less liquid – about three to four liters. My plants love it: Neither the thirsty rubber tree nor the picky dieffenbachia let their leaves droop, and instead both grow vigorously toward the spring sun.

Daily test conclusion: rapid recovery after thrips infestation

Lucky Planet plant tonic is easy to use. If you do not like the fine powder and dose with the measuring spoon, you can simply use Lucky Plant Tablets. However, the powder version is more sustainable. If the silver case is empty, you can simply use a plant tonic in The Bag repurchase.

Monstera Deliciosa has new, healthy leaves that grow toward sunlight.

A month ago, small pests were still crawling over the leaves here: Lucky Plant helps the sick Monstera (after professional pest treatment) to allow new beautiful leaves to grow.


All of my plants have responded well to the plant tonic so far. I own it Watered with Lucky Planet about 14 days ago. just mine Monstera deliciosa It was at that time due to thrips infestation It was a really rough time, as you can still see the brown spots and the old, jagged leaves. Since watering with Lucky Plant, the small new leaves (on the side of the window) grow wonderfully. Of course, this also has to do with the onset of spring, because now it is nice and sunny and there is no longer any dry air for heating flowing through the apartment.

However, the new leaves grow really well, which I positively notice after severe pest infestations. Monstera is treated against pests with Lucky Plant before watering. However, anyone who has ever had an infected plant knows that it takes a while for it to recover. The fact that new leaves are now growing hard speaks of a plant tonic.

Monstera Deliciosa and Dieffenbachia are standing in front of the window.  Both plants have beautiful green leaves.

Monstera Deliciosa and Dieffenbachia grow and sprout in intimate cooperation. Lucky Plant’s vegan tonic appears to provide the right amount of nutrients for both.


even me DieffenbachiaThe big “dinosaur” in the corner of the living room responds very well to Lucky Plant. It grows strong in all directions and finally wants to put it in a larger pot. I can have one with her too growth spurt Find out – whether it’s due to the spring sun or a plant-friendly “energy drink” (or both in the end), time will tell. The Leaves look fresh and gorgeousjust like white and white rubber tree. Although it is easy to take care of this anyway and happy as long as it has enough water, it is still remarkable: since the treatment with Lucky Plant, it has been Two beautiful new pages learner.

So, so far, all plants treated with Lucky Plant look green and active. I didn’t find any negative side effects.

A white rubber tree watered with Lucky Plant two weeks ago on the table.

The rubber tree has also clearly enjoyed watering with the Lucky Plant and has already produced two new leaves. We will report on how the plants continue to grow in a few weeks.


Update is coming: So far, there are only positive things to report about Lucky Plant. Since I watered the plants for the first time about two weeks ago, we’ll keep you posted.

See if Lucky Plant can also impress hungry big cats on April 25, 2022 at 8:15 p.m. in “Die Höhle der Löwen” on VOX. Thomas Hoster, Bernard Unger and Michael Ballack want a solid partner and an investment of €100,000 for their company. In return, they offer 20 percent of the shares in the company.

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