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Despite the cold weather, there was a large field of participants in the equestrian championship in Memmingen. Praise for organizing the tournament.

Jochen Fimpel of the Kisslegg Riding Club is a very experienced rider. His specialty is training tough horses in local stables. But even the 39-year-old show jumper isn’t immune to the sudden turn maneuvers of his horse, Lord Lexicon.

The horse decides to turn suddenly before the obstacle and Vimpel must get out of the saddle. He lands almost with his leg on an obstacle shaft. “No problem, some ointment, and tomorrow I’ll be back for the second day of the tournament,” Vimpel says with a mischievous expression.

Show jumpers are made of special stuff. And indeed: on the second day of the championship, Jochen Fimpel is back on the road with the “Quiwi Carina” in an L-Class vaulting test and he finished third out of 86 rookies in the first division.

Show jumping is very popular among the participants

The Memmingen Show Jumping Championships in the newly designed equestrian arena of the Honold family is very popular with the participants. A total of 720 entries were made in the ten tests, and some jockeys started with several horses. After all, there are 450 participants who scored 600 starting points.

Bodo Battenberg still defines the old lawn with trees, which has been replaced by a modern tidal sandpit from last year. “A fantastic riding facility that meets international standards and provides ideal conditions for riders,” says Battenberg, who has had countless national and international successes in organizing events and participated in the Olympic Games at a young age.

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Bodo Battenberg is on the road with five different horses this weekend for the championship and is grateful to the organizer that there are also tests for young horses in the programme. In this way, horses that have not yet reached adulthood can be carefully prepared for the challenging tests.

Memmingen participants emphasized: “Very professional conditions”

This was confirmed by Christoph Kaufmann, who, together with his five-year-old mare “Dominators Dakota”, along with fellow rider Stephanie Paul, took first place in the A** showjumping test for young horses with a score of 8.2. . “We have completely professional conditions here and are pleased with the well-thought-out concept of the warm-up area and track,” said Kaufmann, who started at the Jettingen Riding Club.

On the second day of the tournament, things run in quick succession. There are six exams in the programme, from class E-style jump test to class M tests. The scope of the participants is high and international.

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Equestrian Championships in Memmingen

In addition to jockeys from Germany, there are participants from Austria, Italy, Switzerland and even athletes starting from Israel and New Zealand. Tournament veterinarian d. Martin Hoffman just has to take care of a cut in the back joint of a horse. Monitoring horses and horse passport controls, which must be carried out in accordance with the issued regulations without any objection. Uwe Tobler of Memminger Red Cross also reported that the medical service was quiet. Although some riders have to get out of the saddle, this does not lead to any serious injuries.

Tim Honnold, son of the organizer, proves to be a particularly passionate collector of tapes

19-year-old Tim Honnold, who made nine appearances in the championship weekend, has proven to be a particularly passionate collector of tapes. In his “Cascadina” rider, the Memminger rider showed an impeccable ride in the mid-level jump test and ended up in second place.

Not only because of their son’s performance, Mike and Benjamin Honnold are very satisfied with the championship path. “We were lucky with the weather and received a lot of positive feedback on the course and the organization of the tournament,” said tournament organizers. Memmingen.

A minimum of 30 assistants are deployed on each day of the tournament.

Preparations are already underway to shed light on the upcoming tournament in Memmingen. The Bundeschampionat qualifiers for young horses are planned for June 24-26, at the same time the Wahl-Reitsport-Trophy will be awarded and the Swabian Master Cup will be held for the best riders.

Jochen Wempel of Kisslig will certainly be among the participants again and he will have an ointment with him.

Results at the Showjumping Championships in Memmingen

Results at the Memmingen Show Jumping Championships: Young Horses فئة M *: 1st place: Patrick Aflerbach (RV Königsbrunn), 2nd place: Sophia Herlmann (RV Leutkirch-Diepoldshofen), 3rd place: Natalie Steinhauser (RSZBussenberg). – Jump category competition M *: Division I: 1st place: Leonie Asman (RFV Bad Wörishofen), 2nd place: Tim Honold (RSZ Illertissen), 3rd place: Lea Wiest (RFVKißlegg). Second place: First place: Stephanie Gorlich (RFV Bad Wörishofen) Second place: Alexander Wahl (RFV Oberschwaben) Third place: Ralph Rundel (RCRupberg).

Full test results are available online

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