The net and shade: this is how the balcony becomes suitable for cats

Updated on 4/26/2022 at 2:13 pm

  • Even cats can fall from the balcony, which is often underestimated.
  • The correct net height can be critical to preventing accidents.
  • It is also important to note the plants on the balcony, because they can be just as dangerous as exposure to sunlight.

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Interesting smells, exciting noises, the warmth of sunlight – a trip to the balconies is worth it for house cats in many ways. But cat owners should make sure that the balcony is a safe place for their pets. Above all, there are three dangers lurking out there, says Sabine Rothenfranz, who runs a podcast for cats.

“On the one hand, cats can fall, which is often underestimated. It’s also not true that they always come off in a way that they don’t harm themselves,” says the podcast. The poisonous plants they nibble on can also be dangerous to cats. Too much sun is harmful too, light-haired cats in particular can get sunburned, for example.

Two meters high

Mesh around the balcony prevents falls. There are also screw or bolted nets in specialty stores, so tenants don’t have to dig into concrete. “The net should be weatherproof and about three centimeters in size,” advises Rothenfranz. Her advice: Black or dark green nets are less visible than white or transparent nets.

The net should secure a height of about two meters above the balcony parapet. “Only when a cat has an intense desire to climb is also recommended to close the net upwards,” says Rothenfranz.

Depending on how far apart the rails are from the balcony railing, they must also be secured. “Cats can wriggle into even the tiniest of gaps,” Rothenfranz explains. Her advice: “Watch the cat closely the first time you go to the balcony. Cats are the best security inspectors and they’ll find every loophole.”

These two plants are safe

And what kind of plants are allowed in ponds and balcony boxes? Unfortunately, many of the plants we use are poisonous. According to Ruthenfranz, cat owners should be on the safe side with Horned Violet (Viola cornuta) or Catnip (Nepeta cataria).

But even these plants, if they come from traditional trade, can usually be sprayed. “So make sure your cat doesn’t nibble on non-toxic plants immediately after you buy them,” advises cat author Ruthen Franz. It is best to keep flower pots out of your reach for three weeks.

Protect it from excessive sun exposure

It is relatively easy to create a shaded spot. A lawn chair is good, the animal can crawl under it when there is a lot of sun. “Cats in general need a lot of warmth, but they can get heatstroke, too,” warns Sabine Rothenfrans.

In particular, very young, old or previously sick animals should not lie in the scorching sun for a long time. The master and the mistress must watch their cat. “You can just move a chair or table with the cat’s head in the shade.”

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Playing on the balconies

If you want to make your animal cute, you can put it on the balcony for an observation point. Of course, always pay attention to the level of protection. In addition to cat toys, the owners can also put a large water bowl on the floor. “The diameter is about the size of a fruit bowl or salad bowl and about ten centimeters deep,” the cat expert recommends.

The cat can drink there and fish for small toys that float on the water. On the other hand, the feeding bowl does not belong on the balcony. Food can spoil in the heat and also attract uninvited guests. Otherwise, the same applies to the apartment: do not leave a lying object on which a curious cat could injure itself.

What domestic tigers also love: Strolling on the balcony in the evening or at night. “They love to listen at night,” says Rothenfrans. There may be a few moths to chase the animal afterwards. (dpa/mack)

Domestic cats are the internet bosses: they inspire people all over the world with their funny nature. The impression is made: We know the animals inside and out. However, there are some facts about famous pets that not everyone knows. Image credit: imago / MiS . images

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