These five habits are harmful to your pets

Habits can be both a curse and a blessing. It can have a huge impact on our lives and the lives of our loved ones. But have you ever thought about your pets? If not, here are the harmful habits of your pets.

Bad habits of your pets: eating chocolate

Dark chocolate is considered healthy because it has positive effects on our cardiovascular system. This is mainly due to its high cocoa content. Cocoa contains antioxidants that reduce the effects of free radicals in the body.

But as much as you love chocolate, it can be harmful to dogs and cats. Because chocolate contains a substance called theobromine, which gives it a typical bitter taste – similar to caffeine – it has a stimulating effect. As a general rule, the darker the chocolate, the more theobromine it contains.

We humans can process theobromine quickly and easily. Our pets like dogs and cats don’t do this because it takes longer to get the substance out of their bodies. This allows theobromine to build up in your body.

The extent to which your nose is exposed to chocolate poisoning depends on the size and weight of the animal. In addition, some animals are more likely than others to poison themselves from chocolate. Symptoms of chocolate poisoning usually appear within 4 to 12 hours after consumption.

Depending on whether your animal has eaten chocolate including the packaging, poisoning can only be determined after 24 hours. If your pet starts panting a lot, drinking a lot, becoming agitated or even having a muscle tremor, you should seek advice from a vet as soon as possible.

But beware: There is no antidote for your pet with chocolate poisoning. Therefore, you should be absolutely sure that your beloved four-legged friends do not eat them.


Cleaning can be annoying – maybe you still need the right excuse to let the family rest for a while? This fact may help you, because unloved household chores can also have a negative effect on your pets.

Jokes aside, in fact, you shouldn’t choose cleaning tools at random when you have pets. Because many chemicals can be dangerous to your plush paws and furry friends. Therefore, detergents that are free of chlorine, ammonia, benzalkonium chloride, phthalates, and perchlorethylene should be used. A complete list of all toxic chemicals can be found on the website of the German Animal Welfare Association.

If you’re still using cleaning agents that contain chemicals that are dangerous to your four-legged friends, the following tips are important:

  • When cleaning, use only a small amount of cleaning agent
  • Do not let your pets walk across freshly mopped surfaces or floors
  • Keep cleaning supplies in a room where your pets can’t reach

Also interesting: here you can find out how to keep your house clean despite the presence of pets.


It has long been known that smoking is unhealthy for us as humans. However, our pets can also suffer from this hobby. In particular, if we smoke in closed rooms where our pets also reside, the smoke becomes dangerous.

This is because when you passively smoke, your furry friends take in many toxins and toxins through their noses that are harmful to them. Additionally, pets exposed to cigarette smoke have a 60 percent greater risk of developing cancer than pets living in non-smoking homes.

Domestic cats in particular can be at risk here. They not only take in toxins through their noses, but also get stuck in their fur. The next time a cat is washed, toxins also enter the body by licking its fur. Since they excrete toxic substances through the urine, they are also more susceptible to kidney disease.

But what to do if you can not get rid of the vice so easily? One option would be to stop smoking in your home or apartment. Or you can use tobacco heaters like IQOS. Because tobacco is only heated and not burned, 95% less pollutants are released than smoking a cigarette.

Tilt the windows

Again, your cats are particularly affected. Because only the smallest temptation will make your paw want to jump through the tilted window. Even a small bird, other cat, or garden mouse can make them do this. Even vigilant pet owners cannot protect themselves from this. Just a moment of inattention can be fatal here.

Animals often get stuck with their pelvis in the gap. The chances of getting them out of trouble are usually very slim. The more a cat tries to free herself from the window gap, the more likely she will be able to slip into the gap and break bones as well as bruise.

In an emergency situation, you should try to act as quickly as possible. Since your cat may panic, you should approach it with caution. Then you should slowly lift her out of the tilted window and take her to the vet immediately. Even if your cat seems fine, internal injuries may have occurred.

Leave sharp objects lying around

As obvious as it may sound, it’s easy to forget: Never leave sharp objects around your pets. Knives, scissors, as well as forks or nail files can become household hazards to your pet.

Ideally, your pets should not walk on the table or any other furniture, but looking away can lead to an accident. To prevent your pets from injuring themselves, you should always put sharp objects away after use – preferably in a drawer or in a cupboard.


Now you know which of your habits can become dangerous for your beloved four-legged friend. But do you already know these 10 tips to make your cat happy?

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