Top 5 Low Fee NFT Markets: Buy Cheap NFTs!

What NFT Markets do you convince with convenient operation and low fees? Where can you find the best selection? It presents the top 5 markets for NFT. Here you can buy and sell NFTs and find new and interesting NFT projects in no time.

NFT operation panel

NFT operation panel

The new NFT marketplace NFTLaunchpad tops our list of the best NFT markets. The platform offers both NFT buyers and NFT artists everything their heart desires: Here you can buy and sell NFTs in a simple and effortless way. NFTLaunchpad aims to become the best, most convenient, and most secure NFT marketplace ever.



For example, NFT (also called instrument or engraving) can be created with just a few clicks. You can choose whether you want to create a single (one of a kind) NFT or a group – and whether your work should be offered as an auction or at a fixed price. You can even set rarity levels and license fees.

In short: focus on user satisfaction. This is why the portal charges a fee of only 2.5%. Additionally, on NFTLaunchpad you not only get NFTs from Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Alternatively, the platform also offers several NFTs from Polygon (MATIC) – and developers are already working to integrate more blockchains.

Due to the wide range of NFT kits and many optional on-sale setup options, not only do beginners get their money’s worth at, Even advanced NFT collectors will immediately feel at home here. Make sure to try it out!

Buy NFTs on NFTLaunchpad Now! is one of the largest and most popular cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the world. Now the company has also launched a marketplace for NFT. Among others, it features many notable partnerships – for example with world-famous sports brands such as UFC or Formula 1. The result: You will find many fun and exclusive sports NFTs on!


In addition,’s NFT Marketplace also offers the ease of use that you are accustomed to from an associated crypto exchange. Says: The platform is clear and easy to use, making NFT buying and selling easy. Another practical thing about is that you can now not only buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum there, but also NFTs. And not just against other cryptocurrencies, as is the case with many NFT markets. Alternatively, you can buy NFTs by credit card – easily and conveniently.

Buy NFTs on Now

Binance NFT

The NFT market for the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance is also impressive. As you might expect, the platform is based on the exchange’s own blockchain, the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It is much cheaper than similar NFT gateways on Ethereum.

Binance NFT

The Binance platform hardly charges any fees either: creating an NFT on Binance’s NFT Marketplace, for example, costs nothing, only network fees (between $0.10 and $0.20) incurred. Additionally, Binance’s NFT Marketplace is in the pipeline Great importance is attached to ease of use and user convenience. Want to create an NFT? All you have to do is upload the file and decide if it should be a one-time or a set.

There are almost no limits to choosing your formats: NFTs and Virtual Earth are still missing so far, but you can Upload NFT Pictures, NFT Pictures, NFT Graphics, NFT Music Clips, or NFT Videos. In addition, the Binance NFT Marketplace provides you with all the functionality of other markets: you get an overview of all the NFTs for sale, and you can filter and sort them to your liking. So you have to keep track of the supply abundance! Binance supports the cryptocurrencies Binance Coin (BNB), Binance USD (BUSD), and Ethereum (ETH) as payment methods. When you sell an NFT, you decide which of these three coins you want to receive. The only requirement to purchase is a Binance account with the corresponding cryptocurrencies in the wallet.

Buy NFTs on Binance Now

magic of aden

Magic Eden is a new NFT marketplace on the Solana blockchain. Founded by Zhuoxuo Yin, former CEO of Coinbase, It is already considered the largest NFT market in the Solana blockchain (SOL). Users can also create, buy and manage NFTs in Magic Eden.

Magic Eden offers attractive features that provide users with added value. Among them, for example, the function of the operation panel. Lets you create NFTs in minutes – no prior knowledge required. The platform is currently being picked up due to the influx of new NFTs Only a limited number of projects – but that has to change.

Also useful: a calendar with new NFT drops. So you don’t have to search for new projects from your favorite artists as if you were looking for a needle in a haystack. Alternatively, Magic Eden offers you a list of upcoming releases of favorites – So you have to stay informed.

This is also ensured by the “Popular groups” function: here you can always see the latest NFT projects on the Solana blockchain, and you can easily get acquainted with them or invest if you wish. Rookie for Magic Eden: The platform is growing and growing! For example, the NFT market has just succeeded in terms of trading volume in the secondary market The magic sign hit 1 billion!

Buy NFTs on Magic Eden Now

very rare

Now SuperRare is also a fixture among the NFT marketplaces – a gateway to unique digital artwork. SuperRare sees itself as a “fine art” NFT marketplace and wants to bridge the gap between the real art world and NFTs. NFT Market describes itself as “Instagram meets Christie’s”. Says: Here you will only find hand-selected artwork. The platform chooses this by itself and thus guarantees That all work is really one time.

At the same time, it also means: You will find on SuperRare Only a limited number of artists. However, this also reduces the risk of catching a fake. In addition, SuperRare offers a great social aspect: you can follow your favorite artists and get a feed of content from your favourites, similar to Twitter or Facebook, for example. The user interface is reminiscent of Instagram, Likewise easy to use.

Unlike NFTLaunchpad or Binance NFT, SuperRare does not use the Binance smart chain, but Ethereum. The fees for buying and selling NFTs are correspondingly higher. On the other hand, NFT creators receive a 15% commission on initial sales from SuperRare. For secondary sales, 10% goes to the originator. Instead, buyers pay a 3% transaction fee on all purchases.

Buy NFTs now on SuperRare

Last updated on April 26, 2022

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