How to properly react when confronting animals in need

Animal rescue in Bonn
How to properly react when confronting animals in need

A fishing line wound around the beak of a heron in the Rhine. The fire department came to the rescue. But what is the best way to contact animal rescue and what should be considered in the event of accidents involving wildlife?

Jürgen Leibendig imagined the trip to Bon Renoy differently. Because the afternoon was not as planned: a relaxing walk through the grounds of the former Federal Gardens Fair suddenly turned into a rescue operation for a frightened bird, in which many passersby took part.

Below the post tower, Vivid noticed a heron wandering in confusion. Upon closer examination, the man from Bonn discovered the reason for the frightening behavior of the animal: the fishing line wound itself around the heron’s beak. It seemed that the bird had been trying in vain to free itself from the bandage for some time.

“The rope was so tight around the beak that he couldn’t open it,” Lebendig said in an interview with the General Assembly. Several infantrymen followed the desperate struggle of the heron. However, since the animal kept jumping away, passers-by could not help it. Involuntary spectators had no other choice: many of them called the fire brigade for help.

Fire department help

Injured pigeons, families of ducks on busy roads, cats that can’t find their way down from the treetops: animal rescue is one of the missions of the fire brigade. “If animals are in distress, citizens can call the Fire and Rescue Service’s control center at 0228/7170,” Andrea Schulte of the press office explains in response to a GA request. However, you shouldn’t call 112 for this, as the emergency call is only for urgent cases, she asserts.

“Firefighters either come to the rescue with their animal rescue vehicle or, if necessary, report to the appropriate authorities, such as a forester, a person authorized to hunt or the veterinary office. This always depends on the specific situation, says Schulte. The responsible hunting charterer was also called when The heron was released.

The fire brigade is the right person to call if you notice injured animals, “If you dare, of course you can also take action on your own and bring an animal to a local veterinary clinic or sanctuary,” adds the administrative officer.

Equipment truck runs 24 hours a day

An animal rescue vehicle by the Boone Fire Brigade stationed at Fire and Rescue Center 2 in Buell. The car runs around the clock and is called 600 to 800 times a year. Classic missions, for example, are supposed to be ducks, geese and swans.

Sometimes it seems that the animals do not find their way back to their territory. “Wild animals that are not injured often get along well with themselves,” Schulte asserts. Human intervention in such cases can be harmful to the animal. For example, if after a bona fide rescue the mother animal no longer accepts him.

The ADAC emphasizes that a wildlife incident should always be reported to the police. It does not matter whether the animal remains on the site or ran away after the accident. In any case, the responsible game manager, game controller or game tenant should be contacted. This is usually done by reporting the incident to the police.

If a road user does not comply, this is by no means a trivial infraction. If an animal is left behind, the person in question is committing a violation of the Animal Welfare Act. If drivers take the dead or injured animal with them, this leads to the crime of poaching, which can lead to a criminal complaint. It is also advisable to report a wildlife accident in connection with insurance coverage, as a certificate is usually issued, which road users need if they want their insurance company to settle the damage.

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