Love Storm: Fürstenhof’s newcomer is highly criticized by fans

“Love Storm”
Fans criticize the newcomer at Fürstenhof

Love Storm: Catherine Anne Hess as Caroline Lambrecht.

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News of the current series in the GALA tape: “Storm of Love”: a new face not well received by fans +++ Sarina Radomski leaves “WaPo Berlin” +++ “Red Roses”: these actors are in the upcoming new season.

News of the series in the tape GALA

April 27 2022

‘Love Storm’: Fans are not excited about Caroline Lambrecht

‘Love Storm’ has a new character: Since Tuesday, April 26, 2022, actress Catherine Anne Hess, 36, has been seen in her new role as Caroline Lambrecht. In an Instagram video, she introduced herself as the new riding instructor at Fürstenhof and revealed that she has shared a past with Dr. Michael Nederpool has it. The two studied together and played in a rock band.

Viewers are only partially looking forward to the new addition to their favorite series. It’s not because of the actress herself because of the story line that many fans are now anticipating. Because there is little fear that Caroline will cause trouble in the relationship between Michael (Eric Altenkopf) and his girlfriend Rosalie Engel (Natalie Allison). A frustrated fan asks, “Why should the brawl between Rosalie and Michael come now? Can’t the authors think of anything else?”

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Others are upset by the character’s apparent age and find it unrealistic for Michael and Caroline to study together. Some users even criticize the creativity of the authors of “Storm of Love”, like this fan: “I keep asking myself on which island the scriptwriters live. Far from life, surrounded only by old seasons scenarios. This is the only way I can explain to myself That the stories repeat themselves over and over again.”

26 April 2022

WaPo Berlin: At the season finale, Sarina Radomsky says goodbye to her role

“WaPo Berlin” airs on Tuesday, April 26 for the last time: “Gegen den Wind-Blues” is the final episode of the second season of the popular crime series. The episode also means farewell to actress Sarina Radomsky, 35, who has played Paula Springer since the series began, and will miss the third season, which is set to begin filming this summer. On Instagram, the actress says goodbye to the series and her fans.

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Her message reads, “I’ll make it short: Paola leaves the ship, I’m leaving the ship.” “Thank you for three exciting years. Thank you to this fan base who tuned in time and time again on many Tuesdays.” For her, the contribution is a eulogy, because “it’s incredibly wonderful to be with someone like this and to be a part of someone like this for so long.” [selbst] Let it be.” In the comments column, farewell greetings and cordial words for the career of the actress are collected. Most recently, she wishes her successor, Marie Schonberg, 38, a lot of fun with “this unconventional group”.

‘Red Roses’: Lucy Hellenbrecht and Lukas Bauer, participating in new GNTM season 20

The 20th season of “Rot Rosen,” which will air from May 31, 2022, can look forward to two new faces: GNTM candidate Lucy Hellenbrecht, 23, and Lucas Bauer, 27, viewers still familiar with the series “Das Traumschiff” from the end of May or. To appear in the new season at the end of June. Hellenbrecht was very excited about her new role on her Instagram: “I can finally announce the news!”

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The model will play Nessie, a “confident young horse owner and proud daughter.” She also hints at a romance between her and Dore Bauer: “Who’s the good-looking guy next to her? Does little love hold up when it’s suddenly known that you weren’t born a biological woman?” Hellenbrecht underwent sex reassignment surgery years ago and is using her social media account to encourage transgender youth, educate society at large about it, and break prejudices.

25 April 2022

In All Friendship: Double episodes will air on Tuesday

Tuesday, April 26, 2022, “In All Friendship” comes in a double package: Fans of the popular hospital chain can tune in at 8:15 p.m., looking forward to the 90 minutes instead of the usual 45. The reason for this is the temporary ending of the new version of “Murder with a View”, which was shown on Tuesdays at 8:15 pm.

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The first episode is entitled “Losing Control” and revolves around Dr. Kai Hoffman’s fight against his inner demons. After he happened to be nearby when Mike Moser had a bicycle accident, he saved his life at the scene, but then disappeared without a trace… The 9:00 pm episode titled “Official” revolves around a pregnant woman after a shocking diagnosis of her child She has to make a difficult decision: Is she risking surgery or long-term harm to her unborn child?

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