Marie Nesman shares her never-before-seen pregnancy photo

Marie Nesman
She’s posting a previously unseen picture of her last pregnancy

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Celebrity news for the day in GALA Tape: Marie Nassmann shares a photo of her pregnancy +++ Pregnant with triplets: Anna Maria Verccichi posts a bouncy photo++ that Ruby O’Vie still loves Mathias.

Celebrity news for the day in the GALA bar

April 27 2022

Marie Nazman shows a never-before-seen photo of her last pregnancy

Marie Nesman, 33, regularly gives her fans a glimpse into her private life and keeps her updated via Instagram while she’s pregnant. Now the former GNTM participant is delivering: She’s posting a photo of a session that was taken when she held her young daughter in her stomach. Wrapped in cloth only, she stands in front of a white screen.

“How could that happen? So not the stomach. But I didn’t share this beautiful picture with you from my last pregnancy,” the mother-of-two writes. Marie Nasman seems to remember this time fondly and ignore the difficult aspects. “Even now my body and mind are starting to forget how stressful pregnancies were. I look at the picture and think to myself ‘cool’. If I had kept a diary…ah, luckily there are my old Instagram stories where I tell you guys about my Puke, lucky you [sic]continue jokingly.

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Your followers are excited about the artistic recording. “Great picture” and “Very beautiful!” These are just two of the countless positive comments.

26 April 2022

Anna Maria Verschi presents her baby’s little ball from the past

On November 11, 2021, Anna Maria Ferchichi, 40, and Bushido, 43, finally welcomed their two offspring, triplets Amaya, Leonora and Naima. Pregnancy was very demanding on Anna Maria Vercchi and pushed her “mentally and physically” to her limits. Or not Weeks after giving birth, she would have noticed how tired she was, she said at the time. Meanwhile, the mother of eight has recovered from the hardships and is enjoying daily life with her mice.

On Instagram, the 40-year-old recalls her pregnancy. In the photo that she shares in her story, Anna-Maria can be seen with two friends at sea. She writes: “My little three-ball.” The caption “1 year ago today” can also be read in the registry. At the time, Sarah Connor’s 41-year-old sister probably didn’t know what to expect….

Marie Nazman: She posted a never-before-seen photo of her last pregnancy


Ruby O.V.: A picture of love with Matthias Schweigofer

Your love is growing every day. Matthias Schweigover, 41, and Robbie O.V., 26, have officially been a married couple for over three years. In February 2019, the actor publicly presented his happiness in love for the first time. “We’ve been together for over a year now and that fits right in,” he said excitedly in an interview. Both private and professional. For Schweigofer’s Netflix movie Army of Thieves, which he also directed, the two posed together for the camera at the end of 2021.

Now Ruby O. Fee proves to her fans with a photo on Instagram how much the couple loves it. The profile picture shows the 26-year-old leaning on her boyfriend’s shoulder and holding his hand tenderly. Both choose the appearance of a partner and wear a black blouse. Appropriately, the actress leaves her black heart to the ones she loves.

Matthias Schweigofer and Ruby O

Matthias Schweigofer and Ruby O


25 April 2022

Lenny Klum exchanges festival kisses with her friend Ares

Hot, hottest, Lenny Klum, 17! On the second weekend of the legendary Coachella Festival in Palm Springs, California, the 48-year-old daughter of Heidi Klum is spending the time of her life — in addition to party photos, she’s also sharing hot kissing scenes with her boyfriend Aris Rachevsky online.

Usually, Heidi likes to make a fuss with private bed scenes on Instagram. Now Lenny is not only following the professional steps as a model but also following in the footsteps of her famous mother with these Coachella visions. A picture shows her amid the festival crowd on her lover’s shoulders. Together with her friend, she enjoys the party and feels like “on top of the world”.

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In a video on her Instagram story, things get a little wilder. Close up, Lenny and Ares dance and sing to the song “Flome”Never be like you’ until they finally kiss. They can barely keep their hands off each other. Klum’s boyfriend also shares a scene in his story. Oh, love must be beautiful!

Marie Nazman: She posted a never-before-seen photo of her last pregnancy


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