Photography competition: “Focus on Nature” for children and youth

Tirschenreuth. “take a look!” – This is the motto for children and young people to explore the Bavarian nature.

Photo: Tirschenreuth مقاطعة County Office

The 16 “Nature in Focus” photography competition invites photographers from 7 to 18 years old to go on a journey of discovery in the nature of Bavaria with their cameras or smartphones and submit their best photos.

Promote young talents and arouse interest

The photography competition aims to encourage young nature photographers and spark their interest in the diverse local nature. Instead of technical perfection and optimal equipment, it is about interesting decorations, interesting photo compositions and, above all, a lot of creativity.

Launched in 2007 by the Museum of Man and Nature, the competition has been jointly organized by the Bavarian Ministry of Environment since 2010 and BIOTOPIA – Bavaria’s Natural History Museum since 2020.

22,000 photos submitted

Since the start of the competition, around 9,400 children and youth have participated and submitted nearly 22,000 photos.

“The competition is a very special thing every year. When looking for great photo decorations, you can experience nature more consciously. I am excited to know the highlights of the beautiful nature of Bavaria that children and young people will discover this year.” Thorsten GlauberBavarian Minister of State for the Environment and Consumer Protection.

Exciting competition categories and two new annual partners for 2022

This year, the project partners are once again sending children and young people aged 7-18 on a photo safari. You can present the best pictures of Bavarian nature until the end of September. There are two subject categories for stimulus selection:

In Category A “Nature – Near the Corner”, it is important to capture the diversity of nature in our immediate surroundings, in the city or in the village – from areas of colorful flowers to overgrown corners to cracks in the walls with an astonishing abundance of species.

Category B “Nature – Simply Wonderful” is for the question: What can we learn from nature? Building on the science of bioelectronics, decorations that show nature’s ingenious inventions are needed.

A jury of experts evaluates the best photos

A professional jury will select the best photos from the entries; The award ceremony is expected to take place in early 2023. This time, two annual partners support the competition: the Academy of Nature Conservation and Landscape Management (ANL) in Leuven and Bionicum at Nuremberg Zoo.

“With a focus on nature, we want to encourage children and young people to get outside in nature and realize its diversity with an open mind. We hope once again to awaken the creativity of young talent through this year’s competition categories and are delighted that with ANL and Bionicum we have two new annual partners on board, and it has also inspired us Choose topics,” he says Dr. Michael AppleDirector of the Museum of Man and Nature.

Record participation: The exhibition “Nature in Focus” will tour throughout Bavaria from May

From May, the exhibition will be organized by environmental education institutions throughout Bavaria. This year, due to high demand, photos will be submitted through the Free State in three rounds for the first time – for a total of 13 exhibition sites, a record participation.

Participation is worth it: these awards are waiting for young talents

Awards are given in three age categories – seven to ten years old, 11 to 14 years old, and 15 to 18 years old. Winners from every age and category await
Weekend nature experience including photography seminar with nature photographer Julius

This time, the winners go to the Academy of Nature Conservation and Landscape Management (ANL) in Leuven. The runner-up gets a one-day photography seminar with a nature photographer Dr. Ferry BohmeIt is being held for the first time at the Nuremberg Zoo.

Third place winners can look forward to an annual subscription to “Al Natour” magazine. Other winners can also look forward to great prizes – including beautiful prizes
Photo books about nature photography donated by Knesebeck Verlag, as well as Bayern tickets from DB Regio Bayern.

The deadline for participation is September 30, 2022. All information related to the competition, terms of participation as well as the names of the prize winners and the winning photos of the last competition can be found on the home page.

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