Children and love are like the lottery

DrThat happiness, money, and procreation encourage each other in life’s “rush hour” is a persistent rumor, despite the numerous counter-evidences everyone knows. The failure of so many stressful couples when jobs and childbearing should seemingly happen at the same time is joined by the false and depressing notion that domestic unhappiness results only from a lack of effort on the other side. From a happy relationship, to a “breeding community in which one tolerates or breaks,” says Michael Hoffmann, director and co-author of the true and somewhat amplified ARD mini-series “Die Glücksspieler.” Daycare center meeting and elementary school parents’ evening instead of romance, digestive talk instead of sex. The distribution of the ‘mental burden’ must be negotiated, which are all the somewhat unproductive tasks that make the family system work. Wherever there is negotiation, there is of course still serious talk. Quite often there is a saying “once it dispenses, it is condemned forever”.

In such frustrating circumstances, humor helps many. Unless they gave up having children in the first place. But “Die Glücksspieler” does not do this either, on the contrary. It draws on young talent and combines everyday realism, conversational reasoning and the unpredictability of personal happiness in an ingenious relationship that makes its way through first-episode clichés through mid-level problems to the last of visions. It all starts with a wish list for Santa Claus, where baby Sami (Milo Maher) wishes for a vase, a drone, and an end to the argument between mom and dad. The paper lands in a balloon with millionaire Herzinger (Branko Samarovsky) and Wagner Wagner (Ovidiu Schumacher).

With four failed marriages and an ostracized daughter, Herzinger knows how to fight, but says he knows nothing of happiness. Since a person should have a hobby, all he does now is watch birds. So, the fairy tale takes its course, the former foolish rich man approaches his future things to keep an eye on. Natasha (Carolina Ludega), a housewife, three children, fond of shopping, Max (Serge Moya), a pianist, house husband and Sami’s father, and Simone (Lena Dore), a housewife, actually a clinic doctor, takes care of the son who doesn’t speak. The three sit as though imprisoned on the children’s playground park bench, day in and day out, “we go home sometimes at night,” while the sons squabble over the swing or sleigh.

Happiness and ego are not compatible here

The Pole does not promise them a million euros per family, but rather their partners. Firat (Eco Frisch), “the Turk who removes dirt from the Germans”, that is, as a street-cleaning contractor, husband of Natasha, Ines (Katarina Schütler), a lawyer in a Munich law firm who hardly sees her children, wife of Max, and Jasper (Manuel Ruby), The actuary in the company with tenderness only for numbers, Simon’s husband.

Herzinger makes an immodest proposition: If they try to be happier for a year (fail is fine), gather in a law firm every Friday and talk (one sentence per nose suffices) while he watches them through the video camera, then absolute silence continues, every family gets Over a million at the end of time.

“Die Glücksspieler” (Bert Koss is responsible for the script alongside Hoffmann, camera Christian Marol) relies more and more on the somewhat unpredictable after this predictable test arrangement. The families of the three players do not live in a vacuum, and luck and ego do not correspond here. There are tough kindergarten teachers, secret lovers, hidden longings and all manner of mayhem. Instead of happiness there is closeness to life. Small visions, big changes, and the question of whether just the idea of ​​a million is enough to move established relationships. Rather than naive as the Family Happiness series, The Gamblers begins with the naive end of the problem and heightens suspicion. Some dialogues can also frame quarreling couples with gold edges. Being happy again sometimes without her kids — and with them.

Two episodes each of the six-part series gamblers Running today, May 4 and May 11 from 8.15pm on the first.



Video: ARD, Photo: Obs

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