Ferrero: Baby Chocolate, Hazelnut, Yogurt – ZDF Reveals Incredible Tricks

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Ferrero tricks: ZDFzeit reveals the secrets behind children’s chocolate and co.

Alba – Loud Stiftung Warentest Every fifth German eats Nutella or another cream of Nougat several times a week. The winner was Ferrero Nut Cream Nougat. The family company Ferrero generates around €11 billion in sales each year. In a ZDF documentary, food developer Sebastian Legge shows the tricks that Ferrero has. The group brought the first chocolate bars to market and created an entirely new segment: Nut Cream Nougat. But what is behind this success?

Ferrero buys 200,000 tons of palm oil annually, despite the negative impact on the environment

“Almost all Ferrero products contain palm oil from low-wage tropical countries.” This was reported by the program “ZDFzeit”. The confectionery company obtains most of its palm oil from Indonesia, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea. Planting in these countries is a cost-effective option for Ferrero. But for that benefit, rainforests are being cut down and biodiversity habitats destroyed, according to Greenpeace. In places where there were rainforests, massive monoculture expanded after removal. Ferrero annually purchases about 200,000 tons of palm oil from several wholesalers. According to the Greenpeace report, seven of these companies purchase palm oil from local oil mills, which have cleared land for palm oil cultivation by burning it. According to Greenpeace, slashing and burning is particularly harmful to the environment. When asked by ZDF, Ferrero wrote:

“(We contacted each company) to verify that the mills supplying Ferrero belong to those named in the Greenpeace report: none of them belong to them.”

The company therefore rules out the possibility that the palm oil comes from slash-and-burn plantations. Greenpeace, on the other hand, is sure that “the palm oil supply chain is not clean”.

Ferrero Collection Selection (archive photo) © IMAGO / Newscast

Ferrero Hazelnut: Child Labor Allegations

Ferrero does not get its hazelnuts from Italy, but from Turkey. The company is the largest customer, accounting for about two-thirds of Turkey’s hazelnut crop. With such market power, Ferrero has managed to bring the price down to around 230 euros per 100 kilos. This means little profit for the farmers and poor working conditions. According to research by the British newspaper, it was 2016 the sun Ferrero accused of child labor ZDF asked Ferrero “whether child labor on nut plantations can be ruled out with certainty.” Ferrero couldn’t rule this out for sure, as the group can only track 45 percent of the supply chain.

Ferrero recipe under criticism: between natural and synthetic ingredients

1 bar of yogurt – 0.5 g of strawberries. The famous chocolate bar with strawberry and yogurt flavor does not live up to its promises. In addition to the amount of small strawberries, according to ZDF, there is also only a small amount of yoghurt, or rather yoghurt powder, in the product. Instead, the candy company relies on proprietary artificial flavors, according to Sebastian Legge. This ensures that Ferrero products always taste the same and still taste strong. This saves the company expensive components. Usually the main ingredients remain the same: milk, chocolate, cream and hazelnuts. Thanks to the shapes, packaging, flavors and stories associated with the products, Ferrero has been able to market its products.

Ferreros MonCheri: Italian Piedmont cherry from Baden-Württemberg

The size of the cherry used in the production of MonCheri may be 18-21 mm. Contrary to advertising, these cherries do not come from Piedmont, but from Germany (Baden-Württemberg). Like other Ferrero products, the brandy-infused praline is not available year-round. With its seasonal sweets, the collection creates an artificial rarity and a sense of exclusivity.

Ferrero kids’ chocolates make you “big and strong”?

LARGE AND STRONG GROWTH – Ferrero Baby products advertise milk as an ingredient that is associated with positive properties. Milk contains important elements such as calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium. These trace elements can be found in Ferrero products in higher quantities than in milk. This is because it contains concentrated milk powder. Although this contains more potassium and co, but also more lactose and milk fat. For example, chocolate cakes are made up of 90 percent sugar and fat.

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