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How does the “living apart” relationship model work?

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The best way to describe a LAT relationship is to be together but not live together. We have explored for you the advantages and disadvantages of this partnership.

For some, moving in together is the first important step in a relationship, while others prefer keeping their four walls to themselves. Couples who are together but do not share an apartment live in a so-called lat relationship. We have all the information about this relationship model as independently as possible.

What is the relation to lat?

We already revealed it: LAT stands for “live apart” It means that a The couple is in a relationship and she don’t live together. This can have various reasons. A different workplace, a long-distance relationship or a conscious decision to live locally within a city.

scientific Studies differ Often spatially separated partnership Three types:

  1. Living Together (LAT): The two families can be reached within two hours in a relationship that lives together separately, often with personal contacts.
  2. Long Distance Relationship (LDR): A long distance relationship means that it takes more than two hours to get to the other house.
  3. bifocal couple relationshipBP): According to the suggestion of the experts Johannes Hoenink and Dirk Konitzka, the relationship between spouses is not determined by the paths between individual families, but by the social framework. Spouses live in a bilateral partnership if it lasts for at least a year, it is perceived as a relationship from the outside, there is a sexual relationship and the spouses presented themselves to their parents and friends as such.

How many couples are in a lat relationship?

The Generational and Gender Survey of the Federal Institute for Population Research I found out that 7.3 percent of 18-79 years old Living in a two-way relationship. at Under 30 years old Stake is included 20 percent and decrease in 30 to 49 years old employment 6.9 percent. Only in the age group 50 years and over Increase the value again 9.8 percent.

Pros and Cons of LAT . Relationship

Like any form of relationship, a LAT relationship brings some Advantages and disadvantages with himself. In addition to independence, a relationship can also benefit in the long run:

Advantages of LAT Relationship:

  • Privacy: The detached apartments promise a private haven at any time.
  • without agreement: Because of personal independence, no compromises are made in everyday life.
  • Informed appointments: Romantic activities and dates remain something special.
  • More attention: The time a couple spends together is much appreciated.
  • Economic independence: With separate apartments, couples don’t have to justify their expenses to each other.
  • Dealing with fear of commitment People with attachment anxiety shouldn’t be afraid of getting too close in their lives.

Disadvantages of LAT Relationship:

  • Double housekeeping: Compared to couples living together, owning your own apartment is more important, especially in big cities.
  • relationship work: So that couples in a Latin relationship don’t break up, they put more energy into solidifying synergies.
  • Planned teamwork: Spontaneous sequential evenings, morning cuddles in bed and cuddles are often absent in separate apartments.
  • No Common Daily Experiences: Because of the distance, a feeling can creep into that person that is only a small part of the other person’s daily life.
  • Jealous: In a LAT relationship, everyone goes their own way outside of their time together.
  • High Expectations: Due to the chosen meetings, the expectations from these meetings are of course high. If they are not fulfilled, disputes can arise.
  • Unequal need for proximity: If the need for closeness is out of balance, the Latin relationship can lead to mental problems for the person seeking closeness.

For whom is a LAT relationship appropriate?

In principle, the relationship of LAT to everyone Who would like to be in a romantic relationship, but would like to retain the independence and autonomy of owning their own apartment. For a LAT relationship to function permanently, both partners must able to communicateAnd trusted And open minded He is. high level of trust Important so that you can enjoy time away from your partner with a clear conscience.

Perhaps you’ve just met someone or, after a while in a relationship, you’re faced with the question of moving in together or keeping both apartments. The most important thing is to be in the type of relationship you live in or that you want to experience. I feel good. For example, an open relationship or a polygamous relationship works only if both support the partnership model. otherwise submit Imbalance fast for discontentAnd Fear of losing or mental problems.

Nothing speaks against trying something new. However, if you lack closeness in a Latin relationship or are otherwise unhappy, the odds are not for you.

It is not always necessary for two apartments to be separate. Would you or your partner wish: in one to retreatthis can too in a shared apartment to be prepared. whether a creative office, a music room or a hobby room. There are many options for settlement that can work for both people. She just needs to talk about it.

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