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The most beautiful floral gifts for Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 8, 2022.


Love, Appreciation and Gratitude: Whatever feeling you want to express, the language of flowers is the most beautiful and the most beautiful way to express it. And so they became mother’s Day 2022, May 8, local florists Everyone has their own creative ideas and craftsmanship floral gift A very special personal touch makes a mother’s heart beat faster.

Something special for someone special

“all flower gift It also says something about the giver. It is very important to make the selection carefully if it is supposed to be something very special for your loved one. Original additions, amazing color combinations, extravagant arrangements: our florists offer First class adviceso that the flower is really there individual taste “The recipient meets,” says Iris Hubel, principal florist at Studio ORF 2.

Whether it’s a rich bouquet, an elegant single plant, or a decorative potted plant: Flexibility And variety Show your local flower shops when it comes to budgeting a floral gift and they are also available with tips and action. Hobel asserts that “each flower gift that leaves our niche is individually tailored according to the personality and takes into account the wishes of the giver.”

Floral Trend Color 2022: Berry Fairy

Mother’s Day gifts are especially effective this year in Color trend “Berry Berry” A mixture of violet and blue tones with a nuance of red represents happiness and vitality. “Very Berry” goes great with green, blue and turquoise, but also with pastel pink, fuchsia and dark bordeaux, says the expert.

In the direction You lie too Shades of green In all shades it unfolds a very harmonious effect. An arrangement made of rich emeralds, for example, promises amazing and irresistible effects, which together with flowering plants in strong colors become the highlight of the gift table for Mother’s Day.

“Also popular this year pastel Fully bouquets are dominated by shades of blue, pink and purple, ”says Hubble. In addition, as always, the following applies: “Anything that pleases is allowed.”

Beautiful local production

Peonies, roses, lilies, snapdragons, lilacs, hydrangeas, phloxes, lysianthus, sweet peas or poppies, all local productionIn the season around Mother’s Day. And: With natural materials, like fresh floral twigs and leaves, they make surprising and unique contrasts – the perfect gift for all mothers who prefer enchanting nature.

Mother’s Day Classics: Roses and Hydrangeas

Red flowers They are always rated as classic Among the flowering Mother’s Day gifts, which are usually treated without accessories, as they radiate their symbolic power all by themselves. “This year, you can also use pastel shades of roses, which are basically tied shorter in a bouquet,” says Iris Hubel.

In the case of potted plants, on the other hand, it is hydrangeaLike Popular Mother’s Day Gift It’s hard to imagine a thriving gift table without it and with its wide range of colors – from violet, blue and pink to white – it leaves nothing to be desired.

factoryto me EXTERIOR DESIGN Occasion, also enjoy choosing the appropriate Mother’s Day gift increase in popularity: “For garden lovers, for example, bushes of rose, pelargonium or fuchsia are just the right thing, which – with the right advice in the flower shop and from your garden designer – will give you months of pleasure and offer a huge selection of different shapes and forms of color,” continues Hubble.

Exceptional: exotic and mediterranean

“correct evergreen Also changed in recent years strange Turns out, like orchids, heliconia or calla, “Hobel says of the wide range of exotic, noble plants that the flower trade offers in all shapes, colors, and price ranges. Our customers) over and over again.”

Awesome Wish List also tops the wish list for Mother’s Day Mediterranean pot plants, such as citrus trees, oleanders, or olives, that bring holiday vibes to every patio and garden. “Here too, the flower shop is the first place to go for advice on proper care.

Mother’s Day: Appreciation Day with History

Since 1924, Mother’s Day in Austria has been celebrated on the second Sunday in May. Marianne Henisch, the mother of the then federal president, encouraged the introduction of this tradition, which originated in the United States. By the way, Mother’s Day has been celebrated there since 1907.

Take Mother’s Day too a reasonWith floral gift Surprise your mother and loved ones and look forward to the floral ingenuity of Austrian flower shops, which guarantee a gift with a personal touch guaranteed. (OTS)

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