New Dog Laws 2022: Dog Breeding Ban – Imminent Fines

Owners and breeders of dogs must follow special rules.

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Since January, there have been stricter rules for dog breeding in Germany – in favor of animals. Dog owners and breeders should now take this into consideration.

For animal rights activists and everyone who has long wished there were more legal rules about dog care, there should be a sigh of relief. New dog ownership rules have been in place since January 2022. The Pet Welfare Act regulates some points in more detail here, and the innovations are based on scientific knowledge about dogs’ needs in keeping and breeding. The rules relate to dog ownership, dog care, dog socialization, as well as dog breeding, such as mentioned. Those who do not comply with the new laws are subject to fines.

New rules for dog owners and breeders since January 2022 – for the welfare of animals

agricultural day He writes on the subject: “The changes basically state that every dog ​​should be allowed to get enough exercise outdoors outside the kennel. This shouldn’t be a problem on a farm. Additionally, dog owners should spend enough time with their well-to-do friends. Four legs several times a day.

The Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) is responsible for rules of this kind in Germany. The following areas are more precisely regulated by innovations:

  • dog ownership
  • dog care
  • Socialization of dogs
  • Dogs training

BMEL wrote in a press release: “Animals are not there to satisfy the questionable aesthetic desires of their owners. They are not mascots. If breeds prevent a species’ proper life, then this is cruelty to animals. That is why torture breeding is actually prohibited here – yet it continues. “I want to put an end to this and therefore ban the display of dogs with torturous breeding characteristics,” said Julia Klöckner (CDU).

Moreover: “This is an effective lever to take the incentives for these breeds and to protect the animals in the best possible way. Through the changes, we also ensure that dogs are kept in a way that is more animal friendly: bonding is generally prohibited and the socialization of dogs in the breeding process is improved.”

New Rules for Dog Owners and Breeders: Dog Breeding Requirements Are Increasing

However, if you only stick to the laws, you still have no idea about animal husbandry. So you must also come with a dog driver’s license and the corresponding certificate of experience. Dog owners are already curious about what they need to know about licensing dogs.

Changes made to the Pet Welfare Act in detail:

  • Dog breeding requirements are tightened, among other things, to ensure that puppies interact adequately with humans and other dogs, and that they become accustomed to environmental stimuli.
  • In a commercial dog breeding, a caregiver may look after a maximum of three mothers at the same time.
  • A minimum of four hours is given for daily handling of the puppies. This applies to both commercial and private breeders.
  • Restraining dogs is strictly prohibited.
  • An exhibition of dogs showing signs of tortuous breeding will be banned.
  • The prohibition of fairs is not limited to pure breeding fairs, but includes all events in which an evaluation, testing or comparison of dogs is conducted, such as for example b- breeding performance tests and dog sporting events.
  • The fair ban already in place for dogs that have been amputated in violation of animal welfare will also be extended to other events.

For non-breeding dog owners, Gacy’s new law is one of the most significant changes. The new Ghazi Law provides for adequate care on a daily basis as well as regular contact with certain people and going out. Dog owners should allow their adult dogs to exercise for at least an hour, at least twice a day. Puppies need to be groomed for at least four hours a day.

Those who do not comply with the new dog walking laws are subject to fines mentioned. Federal states can create their own fine catalogs independently of the nationwide animal protection ordinance and specify penalties for non-compliance with dog walk laws.

This is definitely good news for dog lovers. However, even without laws, the dear animal should always be taken care of. A dangerous zoonotic disease is spreading in the state of Baden-Württemberg – it has now also been detected in the Böblingen region. Dog owners should be careful. note: This article was updated on April 27th.

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