Communication in Relationships – The Five Love Languages

on it social media platforms You see them often. The Five Love Languages. But what does the language of love actually mean, how do you know it Differences And what should be considered if both partners have different forms of language for love?

H2: What do “love languages” mean?

You really love your partner and are happy to be in a relationship. But it happens over and over again Dispute due to misunderstanding And lack of communication. It can be very frustrating. Why does my partner not understand me? Why do I often misinterpret my peer’s statements? Can we even have a happy relationship?

Such questions can arise quickly and doubts grow. The language of love can vary from one type to another. If you understand how your partner expresses himself in the subject of love, you can quickly wrong interpretations may have been avoided. It concerns the second level of interpersonal communication, that is, more about what is between the lines than what is said directly. wrote for that Gary ChapmanAmerican relations expert in his book. In addition to 5 different relationship languages, it was also found that misunderstandings were mostly due to different understanding From “feeling loved” and “giving love”.

5 love languages

The 5-language model from Gary Chapman is a guide for anyone trying to understand how the other person shows love and what one should do to make the other person feel loved:

  • praise and appreciation – This type of person expresses affection and love through praise and appreciation. These people are good at compliments, loving words and appreciation and at the same time are very happy when they are shown appreciation.
  • gifts – A large part of people are pleased with small surprises and gifts from their partners. Above all, an unexpected gift filled with love is an obvious exclamation point for a relationship. Of course, this group also loves to give gifts and tries to give her partner a little pleasure from time to time.
  • Teamwork – Intimacy and time together are very important to many in a relationship. If a couple is consciously taking time for each other and thus making it clear that the partner is the highest priority, then this is a clear commitment to love.
  • Willingness to help – This kind of person helps wherever he can. He does not expect anything in return, but eagerly helps. Being by your partner’s side and offering him a helping hand is a sign of love for these people.
  • physical proximity – No, this isn’t just about sex. Cuddling together on the couch, loving stroking and giving and kissing in the morning are also especially important to these people and are definitely a part of feeling truly loved.

Why should you know the five love languages?

It can be especially critical when both partners are in a relationship different needs They have and thus also speak different languages ​​of love. Especially after that, it is important that you do so communicated with each other He tries to understand what the partner needs to make him feel loved. If you do not know what other people need or give to strengthen love, misunderstandings and disappointments often appear.

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Is he even happy with my gift? Do you even want to cuddle or why is she so far away? All these questions can be clarified and solved with the help of the five love languages. you are kind help For open and good communication in a relationship and therefore very important.

Conclusion: Communicate honestly with the five love languages

No more misunderstandings and unsatisfied needs! Every couple should review and examine the different love languages, What type do you belong to?. If your partner knows what is important to you, they will soon make an effort to give you what you want. If you’re positively surprised after the conversation about love languages, this is it Clear evidence of love!

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