Fantastic sci-fi action with more universes than Marvel and DC combined

Put your shoes in the back. Use a piece of paper to cut out the delicate area between your fingers. Confessing your love to someone Jumping from one world to another takes a lot of effort in the new sci-fi movie Everything Everywhere at Once. Besides, Stephen Strange seems very lazy with his tai chi magic.

Shortly before the theatrical release of the Multiverse of Madness, the film, which spread to Germany with huge fanfare, shows that a multiverse adventure doesn’t need a budget of 200 million. An infinite source of creativity suffices. And Action icon Michelle Yeoh.

The multiverse is in danger and only the owner of the laundry can save it

before they die Destroy all universes by giant charred bread Evelyn (Michelle Yeoh) lives a remarkably ordinary life. The laundry owner struggles with tax issues, has no significant relationship with her gay daughter Joy (Stephanie Hsu), and her marriage leaves her in operational blindness. Evelyn once came to the United States from China, but the dream of promotion faded. Is that really all she can get out of her life? And what if you made different decisions at this or that or any other moment?

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Everything Everywhere at Once – Trailer (German) HD


When Evelyn searches a mountain of receipts in front of bad tax inspector Deirdre (Jamie Lee Curtis), she involuntarily faces answers to some of the big questions in her life. Because the multiverse invades her reality and suddenly Evelyn sees a thousand different ways her life could have looked. Alpha (quite literally) her husband Waymund (Ke Huy Quan) babbles about a world destroyer named Jobu Tupaki that only one person can stop. Among the many infinite variables The loser Evelyn, of all people, must take on the colossal task. The fact that she’s closer to a mass murderer than you thought complicates matters

More universes than DC and Marvel combined: a sci-fi thriller full of ideas

Does this story division make sense? Should he? Let’s take a step back for an overview: Everything everywhere at once looks for the extraordinary in the ordinary. This applies to regular heroine Evelyn as well as ways to change universes. Every detail of everyday life can be amplified into a meaningful tool. This is the mantra of Daniels, as director duo Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert call themselves. Bread can be a global threat, a butt jack can be a universe transformer, and an angry tax officer can become the last president in an instant.

She featured the extreme Do-It-Yourself philosophy of “Swiss Army Man” with Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe. The adorable vibes of childish gags were created in the farting-corpse-companion movie. In their second feature film, Daniels infuses a small human life until the infinite universes are reflected in him.

Jamie Lee Curtis in everything everywhere at once

It’s way too much, all over the place, all at once. This movie contains all components of a file Unbearable creative masturbation. A sci-fi adventure bombards you with visual and pop culture ideas until something hangs. It culminates in highly simplified visions of life, the universe, and everything else you find in every other independent howl of the slope of Sundance Break.

Fantastic act of a rare kind in Hollywood

When Jenny Slate rolled a Pomeranian through a leash from the tax office as if it was a canine reincarnation in a flying guillotine, these criticisms are totally irrelevant. Everything is compelling all around more because of the details of Evelyn the Emigrant’s biography than because of the moral of the story. When it comes to action and scenery, Daniels shines from her perspective on the big picture. Classic kung fu breaks collide with the Saturday morning cartoon imagination. They miraculously surrender sweeping work entertainment.

This brings back home memories of Stephen Chow’s exploits. Director Shaolin Kickers, Kung Fu Hustle, and The Mermaid are equally free to bend reality for amusement. Daniels doesn’t quite reach for his technical prowess, but no one can claim it anyway.

Motion goddess Michelle Yeoh holds the multiverse together

As the finale of the Five Fingers of Death, the film also contains The great Michelle Yeoh to get rid of them. The lead actress also sums up her career in film. Starting in the ’80s as an action goddess in Yes, Madam and Police Story 3 – Supercop, she became a global star glamorous as Bond Girl in James Bond 007 – Tomorrow Never Dies and explored the field of characters in The Soong Sisters, Tiger & Dragons and Mrs. – A Divided Heart.

Michelle Yeoh in everything everywhere at once

Thanks in large part to Michelle Yeoh, the ubiquitous creative fireworks don’t pop out after the 60-minute mark. It keeps the movie together even though the genre, mood, and universe change in a second Light as a feather between grandiose type gestures and meticulous emotional action jumps.

Unofficial is perfectly supported Being Michelle YeohA film by frail but cold-blooded Stephanie Hsu and Ke Huy Quan, who made their film debut as Short Round in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. In the end, the scenario reflects on the little people in this unmanageable multiverse. They coexist without magic spells, without magic amulets or diamond gloves. But the super-muscled pinkie to expel opponents – this is very useful.

Everything Everywhere at Once: Multiverse Crusher – Not from Marvel

With everything everywhere every time, directors Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert are already giving us one of the hottest movies of 2022. On the FILMSTARTS Screen Love podcast, there’s also the most excitement — and the top rating has been pulled!

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