Horses: dangerous diseases – horses worry about animals


Serious illness – horse riders are worried about their animals

The Hamburg jockeys worry about their sick horses. Even in these tough times, Melanie “Mila” Lim (right) can fully count on her team (from left): Katharina Gebel, Mariki von Hatcht, Janina Kubrat and Rinke Baustian with “Willy” and “Simino”.

Photo: Lena Diekmann/BGZ/Diekmann

Several horses of the Ochsenwerder riding team in Hamburg have fallen seriously ill. Treatment is complex and expensive.

Hamburg. In the past two weeks, Melanie “Mila” Lim has felt like a nurse in a crisis zone. Seven ponies and horses Of their flock has contracted poo. The very contagious disease It affects the upper airways in horses. The lymph nodes swell significantly and foci of purulent inflammation are formed. These infected animals cause severe pain, and can restrict breathing and lead to shortness of breath.

The frantic animals were so weak that they found it difficult to eat hay. Mash (porridge) was easily cooked, calf rolls laid, gills cleaned and wounds treated – there was always something to do around the clock in the stable. The 42-year-old even set up camp for the night with the animals that lived in Hegenredder Hamburg Ojendorf stand up.

Horses suffer from flea – riders in a state of anxiety

“Until now we haven’t been able to explain how the disease entered the herd,” Melanie Lim says. Because the animals would not have left the farm and were not in contact with other horses either. “It is a mystery to us how seven animals can be infected simultaneously,” says the 42-year-old, who will continue to investigate with her vet.

When the temperature was first observed in one horse, fever was measured in all 14 animals. “Fortunately, patients can be separated quickly,” explains Melanie Lim, who can always rely on her Ochsenwerder riding team for all tasks that arise, and which she founded 16 years ago at her parents’ home in Ochsenwerder Norderdeich. It all started very small at the time, with five students riding horses and two ponies doing gardening and landscaping. The team now includes 14 ponies and horses as well as about 100 student rides.

Fundraising for the expensive treatment of sick animals

But she had to postpone many of them indefinitely. Because when the sick seven can ride through school again that can’t be expected. The animals are now on the mend, but they still have to stay in quarantine for at least three weeks. Then you wait for the air bag to flow out to check if it is healthy and free of bacteria. And then they have to rebuild their physical condition again after such a long time in the stable.

Expect to pay around 500 euros for just one payment. Added to this are the veterinary costs that have already been incurred in the past few weeks. Marieke von Hatt and Lena Reinerts thought Mila shouldn’t be able to do it alone, and started a fundraiser. After all, it is the community that makes the Ochsenwerder riding team so special.

“We always stick with each other, no matter the situation,” says Ochsenwerder’s Mareike von Hacht, who has been part of the team for 15 years. Within a day, 5,000 euros had already been collected. The team would appreciate more support. Donations can be made via PayPal: The email address is also used to contact the team.

The riding team wants to go back to the country area

“I am overwhelmed with thought,” says Mila Lim, whose support has helped her look positively into the future. After all, it’s not just about getting your flock back to health, it’s also about finding a new home for them. Because the farm in Öjendorf will be sold. And then the Ochsenwerder riding team would like to go back to their roots.

“Finding a plot of land in Vier- und Marschlande would be great,” says the riding instructor, who has three to four hectares of farmland on which a stable and riding yard could be built. In any case, there was certainly enough movement after stations in Ochsenwerder, Kirchwerder, Reitbrook and Öjendorf. “This time it has to be something special for us in the long run,” says Rinke Paustian, who has been part of the riding team since the beginning.

Updated date: Thursday, 08/26/2021, 06:08 AM

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