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Police Station Lüneburg / Lüchow-Dannenberg / Uelzen

Lüneburg (OTS)

Police installed in the biosphere reserve “Niedersächsische Elbtalaue” – already in the eleventh year “on horseback and close to people” present in the coming summer months – “protecting the diverse animal world from disturbances and maintaining peace in the landscape”

Lüneburg / Lüchow-Dannenberg

This summer, for the eleventh year, knights from the Lower Saxony Police Force returned once again to the Biosphere Reserve “Niedersächsische Elbtalaue” in the Lüchow-Dannenberg and Lüneburg provinces, significantly supporting the work of the Biosphere Reserve in different areas of the protected area. After the positive experiences of the past ten years, they made sure not to disturb the diverse wildlife unnecessarily and keep the landscape calm, especially during the delicate phase of the breeding and settling season in the main areas of the Elbe Valley.

Police riders want to be competent contacts for both locals and tourists. Their valuable and preventive work has been shown to have greatly contributed to enhancing the social acceptance of the Biosphere Reserve. In coordination with the Ministries of Environment, Energy, Construction and Climate Protection in Lower Saxony as well as the Ministry of the Interior, Sports and Local Municipalities, four police commuters walked out of the biosphere reserve this year as well. On the site, they give information about the rules for protecting the characteristic qualities of nature and landscapes in the area and, if necessary, immediately punish for flagrant violations. While they are deployed, they also monitor provisions of the Nature Conservation Act (including driving on non-public trails in protected areas, illegal camping and noisy events, open fires, and poaching for fish). They carry informational materials with them, and are happy to make them available to visitors to the area.

Cavalry Squadron Cavalry from the Braunschweig and Hanover Police Departments surrounded the Biosphere Reserve rangers in different areas of the protected area.

Law enforcement officers and their animals are housed in Bleckede (LK Lüneburg) and Vietze (LK Lüchow-Dannenberg). Together, Police Riders and Biosphere Reserve Management want to help ensure particularly critical points are defused and, where possible, alternatives to a comfortable and natural stay in the landscape are found.

Police riders attended: Commissioner Anne Schlosser with the horse “Quintus” – Commissioner Theresa Kinky with the horse “Focus” – Police Commissioner Michael Reh with the horse “Philo” – Police Commissioner Gerd Kirchtowski with the horse “Hercules”

Basic information

The “Niedersächsische Elbtalaue” biosphere reserve, unanimously established by the Lower Saxony State Parliament in 2002, is Lower Saxony’s contribution to the UNESCO-recognised “Elbe River Landscape” transnational biosphere reserve. It extends 100 km southeast of Hamburg and stretches from the 472.5 km Elbe near Schnakenburg to the 569 km Elbe near Lauenburg at altitudes between 5 and 109 meters above sea level. It is part of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve “Flusslandschaft Elbe” with an area of ​​2,823 km² and was established by the “Niedersächsische Elbtalaue” Biosphere Reserve Act (NElbtBRG) on 23 November 2002 with a total area of ​​567.6 km². Of this, 16,540 hectares are in the area of ​​Part A, 20,100 hectares are in the area of ​​Part B and 20,120 hectares are in the area C. Elbtalaue is mainly characterized by the course of the Elbe River with its semi-natural banks and extensive grounds. On the land side of the embankment, the Elbe floodplain, still regularly flooded, is adjacent to the original floodplain with the spacious Elbmarsh. The regions of Lüneburg, Neuhauser, Dannenberger and Gartower Elbmarsch are crossed by the lowlands of the Elbe tributaries such as the Aland, Seege and Jeetzel. The goal of the Biosphere Reserve “Niedersächsische Elbtalaue” is to preserve and develop this unique landscape of floodplains with its scenic, cultural, social and economic values ​​and functions in a way that enables people and nature to live together.

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