Florida: Discover Nature in Palma Sula Bay

The islands of Bradenton Bay, Bradenton, Anna Maria Island, and Longboat Key are located on the west coast of Florida between Saint Petersburg and Sarasota. The sunny region is known for its mild climate, miles of sandy beaches, and many recreational opportunities. Above all, Palma Sula Bay. The bay is an insider’s tip for adventurous experiences. Here are five tips on what to do in the area.

Explore Palma Sula Bay by kayak

Water rats don’t just love it: get a paddle or kayak and combine sports, nature, adventure and animal watching. This works especially well in Palma Sula Bay. The water is very calm here. Reason: offshore island. Animal lovers should definitely come here in the spring. Then you are tempted by numerous dolphins, manatees, black and white swans. A strange and unique experience.

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Expedition to the historic fishing village of Cortez

Florida’s oldest fishing village: Cortez is located in the southwest of Palma Sula Bay. Since its founding in the 19th century, residents of Cortez have specialized in fishing. mullet, grouper, red snapper, and stone crab are the main species that land in nets. If you want to try this live stream, you can go to one Take a fishing tour And try your hand at fishing under the supervision of experts. Be sure to stop by the Florida Maritime Museum in Cortez. It is located in a restored historic school building from 1912. In addition to the models of historic ships and boats, there is a tempting attraction Butterflies garden. It is also worthwhile to turn to the Star Fish Company, founded in the 1920s. In the market and in the restaurant there is enormous fish – including the scenic view.

Great blue heron on the pier

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On the way with the horse on the beach and in the water

A special experience awaits horse lovers on the Palma Sula Bridge between Bradenton and Anna Maria Island. With over a decade of horse-handling experience and a well-trained crew, Florida Beach Horses offers many private horses. Horse riding on the beach For young and old, beginners and experienced. The activity begins with a bareback ride along the sandy beach. Then the rider and horse plunge into the refreshing waters of Palma Sola Bay. As soon as the horses reach their shoulder in the water, the daring riders stand up and “surf” on horseback.

A group of horse riders on the beach

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Neil Perserve: home to many small manatees

The Bradenton area is known for its many wildlife reserves. There are approximately a dozen, some hundreds of hectares in size. On the other hand, others are a bit smaller and more noticeable and therefore great to explore in a day. One of them is Neil Prefecture. it’s up Preco Island, a rugged island off the bay of Palma Sula. The reserve is home to many species of fish, crabs, birds, turtles and manatees – especially small animals, as the underwater network of mangrove forests provides protection from predators. The waterways and mangrove tunnels are best explored by canoe. But those interested in history will also get their money’s worth here: the Neal Reserve is a historically significant place, because the Indians loved it here. The reconstructed burial mounds bear witness to this day. If you don’t have time when you visit and around Palma Sula Bay you should take the 800m distance Shell path and corridor Explore on foot.

Neal Reserve in Florida

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Above the trees at Robinson Preserve

Robinson Reserve is located in the north of Palma Sula Bay. It’s much larger compared to the Neal Reserve: visitors can expect 682 hectares of coastal salt flats, swamps, and mangrove habitats along with a walking and cycling trail. The reserve is therefore ideal for hiking, kayaking or biking. NEST (The Center for Nature, Exploration, Science and Technology) specializes in hands-on learning for all ages. A climbing park leads visitors to the treetops of the nature reserve. Rope bridges, climbing nets, and slides offer fun and versatility and challenge dexterity. A treetop walkway allows for observing the wading and wildlife in the reserve.

Nature at Robinson Preserve in Florida

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For more information on the Bradenton Bay Islands, visit the website of your local tourist office.

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