Play brush: electric toothbrush for children in the test

“The Playbrush is not just any toothbrush,” the British manufacturer promises. Because Playbrush Smart Sonic doesn’t just brush teeth with electricity. It can also be connected to a smartphone or – better – a tablet. And then the app is launched – the word “game” here literally means. Kids should learn how to interactively brush their teeth and have fun doing it. But how good is this work?

Brush your teeth with a toothbrush while you play

Many parents know that nowadays children love to play with their parents’ smartphones and that movies and series can be a good distraction when they are out and about in a restaurant. Toothbrush manufacturer Playbrush takes advantage of this fact and combines the Smart Sonic toothbrush, which costs just under 30 euros, with an app available for iPhone and iPad as well as for Android mobile phones and tablets.

The toothbrush connection to the app on an Android tablet worked smoothly in the test. After a short preparation for application and some toothpaste on the brush head, you can get started. Teeth Cleaning Instructor is available in the app. Waits until you turn on the Playbrush toothbrush. He then instructs the child on the best way to brush each tooth. Teeth on teeth, kids rub fun monsters. Using the sensors in the toothbrush, the app knows how to hold the toothbrush, which area you are brushing, and which one still needs to be cleaned. The toothbrush also recognizes if a child is pressing too hard and the app triggers a warning.

Playbrush Smart Sonic: the children’s electric toothbrush in the test

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In addition to the teeth brushing coach, there are also games designed to encourage children to brush their teeth. From coloring games for 3 and 4 year olds to penalty shootouts or dance games for older kids, Playbrush is all about associating something positive with brushing your teeth. And it works. The test showed: Instead of having to convince a child to brush their teeth, this becomes a teacher before they go to bed. Every day new coloring pictures increase the excitement. By the way: If you have many children, you can also create several profiles in the application.

With a subscription you can do more

The app saves all the brushing sessions and displays them as a report in the child’s profile. However, you must subscribe to this. In addition to the cleaning rating, this unlocks other games. In addition, and this is the basic part of the subscription, replacement brushes are delivered free of charge at regular intervals. After a 30-day testing phase of the Pro version, the subscription costs about 40 euros per year.

Playbrush Smart Sonic: the children's electric toothbrush in the test
Playbrush Smart Sonic: the children’s electric toothbrush in the test

Anyone who gets a subscription can reduce the costs of this later. Kids collect points for every brushing session with the Playbruch Smart Toothbrush. These points can be exchanged for cash and deducted from the subscription cost.

Toothbrush in practice

The manufacturer talks about a 3-week power battery. We must thwart that full promise. The battery lasts about a week, with an average of two and a half minutes per brushing unit and brushing twice daily. But this is enough, the toothbrush is already in the charging station, where it can be recharged at any time. More annoying is that the app shows that the toothbrush’s battery is still half full, and then the Playbrush gives up the ghost during the cleaning process.

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In addition, you need to continue to monitor the child to ensure that he is actually brushing all his teeth. Because in one game or the other, it doesn’t matter whether you clean bottom right or bottom left. As for the application, they are both below. Thus the sector bar is filled and at the end the application shows that you have cleaned perfectly, even though the child may have cleaned only one side. This cannot happen with the 3D Toothbrush Trainer in the app. It is much more accurate than many games and is divided into several sectors.

Playbrush Smart Sonic: the children's electric toothbrush in the test
Playbrush Smart Sonic: the children’s electric toothbrush in the test


The €30 price tag for Playbrush Smart Sonic is quite tempting. You don’t have to pay the additional subscription fee, but it makes sense because you’ll need new brush heads at some point anyway. Signing up brings them home for free and unlocks functions in the app that parents can use to see how well or poorly kids are brushing their teeth. Combining brushing teeth with playing games can be highly motivating for children. Toothbrushes are transformed from an unpopular thing tied to duty into a fun machine that makes brushing your teeth a highlight.

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