You should definitely have this in your hiking luggage

The whole family benefits from a day of hiking. If well planned and you have the survival gear and keep the mood with you. To make sure that the tour is really interesting and does not turn into a trip of complaints, the following points should be noted.

Plan the correct walking path. If you are traveling with kids, you need more spectacular scenery. A big flock of sheep on the side of the road, a mysterious hike, a ruined castle you want to discover or a waterfall – there are many things that make children’s hearts beat faster. Choose the length of your hiking tour depending on how often your kids want to run. But don’t underestimate them either. When it comes to experiencing a true adventure, there is often another kilometer or two that you have to go. In an emergency, you can also pack a stretcher for older children. It can be folded compactly and hidden out of sight of little ones. You don’t have to hold the little ones right in front of your nose so you can theoretically hold them up a bit. There are suggestions for well-suited hiking tours in the Swabian Jura, for example, in this trip finder.

What is in the backpack for children and what do adults carry?

Little ones’ luggage should not be too heavy. The doll in the backpack is enough. (Photo: Susan Gottzeler at Pexels)

Motivation is key to any activity with children. If the sons themselves are really interested in the planned trip, then this is half the battle. In order to keep the level of stimulation high, it is always advisable to give children plenty of wiggle room.

“Here, baby, is your hiking backpack. Pack whatever you really want with you.” When that’s done, the adults have to check the backpack again. Because it shouldn’t be too heavy. Luggage consists of your favorite toy and the most famous fire engine? order! Young children in particular should not have to carry more. Food, drinks, and change of clothing in the backpacks of a mother, father, grandfather or other tour participant over the age of 18 are considered to be in the bag.

The perfect hiking backpack

For young children, we recommend Kraxe for long trips.  Short legs get tired quickly.
For young children, we recommend Kraxe for long trips. Short legs get tired quickly. (Photo: Josh Willink at Pexels)

Suitability is also important for children’s backpacks. The back should be designed so that air circulates and sweat does not drip onto the child’s back. Wide shoulder straps distribute weight well on the shoulders, and most importantly, the chest girdle and hip girdle. Many hikers don’t even close it, but they should. Especially kids. Because the closed straps ensure that a large part of the load falls on the hips, not just the shoulders. However, many children’s backpacks do not have a hip belt at all. So, make sure you have extra-wide shoulder straps and a chest strap for your baby models.

Packing list: This belongs to hiking luggage

You know your child(ren) best, so you know exactly what they need to be happy. But what you should definitely take with you are the following things:

  • Sunscreen/protective clothing such as a hat, hat and possibly sunglasses
    A change of clothes for everyone (even dad catches a cold when his sweaty shirt dries slowly while resting) An adequate amount of drinks (a liter is better than too little!)
  • Vespers (sandwiches, slices of fruit and vegetables, and pasta salad prove to be really helpful)
  • A little candy to keep you in the mood (mini cookies, crackers, granola bars)
  • Comfortable and stable shoes!
  • Garbage bags or bags for sweaty or otherwise soiled laundry)
  • Plaster blister, plaster, scissors, disinfectant spray, tick card, arnica pellets

It remains to be seen if one believes in the latter, but the beads do wonder about minor injuries to children. It’s easy to scrape a knee when exploring the ruins of an ancient castle. Disinfect them directly and treat them with pellets, however, you can proceed immediately.

A break, a walk, a meditation – rest is important

Plan for adequate periods along the way. Enough to have a snack, it would be better to take a rest and then continue to work with the new energy: this is how the day of the walk is fun for everyone.

Advice for professional parents: If the big crash happens anyway, despite all the good preparation, you just happen to have an ace up your sleeve. Something like a small sticker album, for example.

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