7 cute ideas for animals, flowers and snowmen

Easy death!

Young children are easily inspired by one thing and sparkle with creativity. There’s no need to empty out a hobby store beforehand – every household has endless everyday items or scraps to use for imaginative DIY fun. How about crafting with cotton pads? What can you do with it? You can get easy-to-follow suggestions here.

Basic equipment:

  • lumbar pads
  • Watercolor
  • Paper board and paint
  • Brush, scissors and glue
Most of the time you already have the material!

#1 DIY Crafts with Cotton Pads: Colorful Butterflies

Who does not love them, graceful butterflies with beautiful colors and patterns? Beautiful butterflies are created from cotton pads in a few simple steps. Design the tampons with your kids as imaginative and colorful as possible. Maybe with many different colors.

Cut the cotton pads in half – butterflies are formed.

Cut the pads in half and glue the halves together, turning one side inward. Only the sensors are missing – insects are already flapping over your photo.

Easy as pie and colorful!

# 2 Crafts with cotton pads: funny snowmen

You can make a snowman out of cotton pads all year round, but they are of course especially useful in winter. Then he can, for example, decorate a gift box in an original way.

This is how this thing goes:

1. The classic snowman consists of three balls, so you need three cotton pads. You can choose to keep all of these the same size, or trim your torso and head a bit smaller.

2. In the past, buttons, eyes and a mouth were stuck in the snow with small pieces of charcoal – you can use black watercolors for this. Using the brush, the dots on the cotton fade a little. Try it with a cotton swab!

Pretty points thanks to the cotton swabs!

3. Glue the three painted pads on top of each other on a piece of paper. This does not work well with a glue stick, craft glue is better.

Just use what is there.

4. Loss of arms, scarf and hat. The roller is easily made of black construction paper, you can use small sticks or pipe cleaners for the arms. For the scarf and hat ensemble, I used small red ribbons with bells often hanging from chocolate bunnies. But you can also use a satin ribbon for this or simply braid a scarf from a little wool.

Creative and cute: snowman made of cotton pads.

#3 Cotton Crafts: Cute Caterpillar

For a cute caterpillar, you need at least 5 cotton pads, but more of them are also useful. Paint each one a different color.

The fun of coloring with tampons – perfect for young children.

Then the individual circles should be stitched together to form the body. Better a little wavy, then it looks as if the caterpillar is moving. Eye, Mouth and Sensors – Done!

With legs on it it could also be a centipede.

With older kids, you can also make a ravenous caterpillar bottle cap.

#4 Crafts with Cotton Pads: Cute Insects

A perfect round design for ladybugs. Ladybugs, of course, are especially popular with young children. All you have to do is color the entire piece of cotton red, let it dry and add dots and flip. As with the snowman, you can pat the dots with a cotton swab, for example, or simply with a felt-tip pen. If you want the ladybug to fly, you can cut a triangle at the end of the wings.

SO CUTE – Ladybugs are made of cotton pads.
Crafts using the latest natural materials: early support for creative young children from the age of two
Crafts using the latest natural materials: early support for creative young children from the age of two

The price may be higher now. Price from 01/05/2022 07:34

#5 Crafts with Cotton Pads: Fancy Fish

Beautiful underwater picture with fancy fish made easy with cotton pads. Depending on the age of the child, you only need an eye and a mouth. Older painters can also add scales and fins with a felt-tip pen. Or you can help a little.

blub, blub, blub…
Craft book for children from two years
Craft book for children from two years

The price may be higher now. Price from 01/05/2022 10:11 AM

#6 Crafts With Cotton Pads: Creative Flowers

When it comes to flowers, kids can always be especially creative. The flowers can be created from single or multiple cotton pads, and you can also prune out specific flowers such as snowdrops or tulips.

7 colored cotton pads = flower.

If you like, you can add stems and leaves:

It can also be a beautiful bouquet…

my adviceFor monochrome cotton pads, you can fill small bowls with some water and drop some watercolor in them. Then your kids should just put the pillow inside and squeeze it a little bit.

Coloring is faster than drawing.

#7 Crafts With Cotton Pads: Cute Snail

I don’t like them very much in the garden, but snails are always a very rewarding subject for painting or crafts. A cotton pad works well as a snail shell. It doesn’t matter whether your kids design various or recreate the original look using spirals. It helped with the body, but at least the little ones could color it.

Some help may be needed…

…but the result still made young artists proud!

Completely without a trace of slime – cotton snail pillow.
Tina Hoffman

Perfect for young children

Crafts with cotton pads is a nice pastime with daycare kids. They can really creatively blow off steam and roll – great fun with a generously sized surface! I also think it’s great to start spontaneously, because you always have the materials at home.

Are you looking for more fun with young children? How about crafts with cotton swabs or clothespins? Then you can read a nice book:

Pippi & Co: How well do you know classic children’s books?

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