9 tips for parents and children in and around May in Freiburg – Freiburg

Spring has finally arrived and temperatures are slowly but surely rising. The first outdoor swimming pools are open, the new stadium at Stadtgarten is always crowded and the quarrying pond season is not far away. We have tips for parents and children.

Moswald’s Narrative Theater

Dad has to work from home all the time and has absolutely no time to take care of Mika. What is the easiest way to calm children? I agree. You bribed them. Mika is now allowed to have a pet. You can find out what kind of animal Mika buys and if it stays with one in the narrative theater at the district library in Moswald. Kamishibai Story Theater tells stories to children from 4 years old.

what: Kamishibai Narrative Theater “Sold Out”
when: 05/22/05 3:30 PM
where: Moswald County Library
Entry: Free

“Kunterbunt Clock” at Mediothek in Rieselfeld

Charlotte invites all 5 year olds to read, play and craft. Every Thursday from 4 to 5 at the “Hour Kunterbunt” in the Mediothek in Rieselfeld.

what: color clock
when: Every Thursday, from 4 pm to 5 pm
where: Media Library Rieselfeld
Entry: Free

Children’s Festival in Lar

Children are the most beautiful thing in the world. At least that’s what the parents say. And of course, the most beautiful thing in the world is worth celebrating. The Lar Children’s Festival offers a hands-on and colorful spectator program for children and their families. The Playground is organized by the Lar advertising community, clubs, businesses and local organisers.

what: Lar Children’s Festival
when: 07.05.2022, 11 AM – 4 PM
where: Lar . city center
Entry: Free
information: location

“Maunz’und Wuffs gut Tag” in the front building

Maunz is bored and Wuff is always in a good mood. Sounds like your children? Just that there is always a child in a bad mood? And what usually comes from this group? disputed. The same goes for a cat and a dog, but true friends are different. In the end, everything is usually good and a great idea that makes two allies again. With his animal tale “Maunz’und Wuffs gut Tag”, Timo Parvela shows that even children with opposite characteristics can conquer the world together. “When we play together, we are all the same. Imagination knows no boundaries, neither financial nor gender nor cultural.”

what: Maunz`und Wuffs Gut Tag Children’s Theater (from 4 years old)
when: 05/08/22, 11 AM
where: Front Construction – Culture in the Factory
Entry: from 9 EUR
information: location

Bouncy castle grounds in Seepark

From May 13 to 22, the area opposite the community center in Seepark will be transformed into a rubber castle and guarantee fun for the whole family. You can jump from bouncy castle to bouncy castle from 12 noon to 7 pm. If you don’t want to jump anymore, you can try climbing the obstacles or sliding on the giant slide. In both cases, not only physical fitness and a sense of balance are required, but also control of the body.

what: The bouncy grounds of Bailey Castle
when: From 13 to 22 May 2022, from 12 noon to 7 pm
where: Seepark opposite Burgerhaus
Entry: Children 10 Euros, Parents 2 Euros
information: location

Family afternoon in Colombischlössle

How did people communicate in the Stone Age? And what materials were used for what? You can find out about this and more on a family afternoon at the Archaeological Museum of Columbuschusl. Then the kids can make a hummingbird and make the air hum.

what: Family afternoon – Stone Age cell phone
when: 05/22/22, 2 PM – 4 PM
where: Archaeological Museum Colombischloessle
Entry: From €5, registration required by 19.05.22, 3pm by email to museumspaedagogik@stadt.freiburg.de or by phone at 0761201-2501

Family Leadership “All people have rights”

What rules and rights do you have at home? Are your children equal to you or do you see yourself as better? During the family tour “All people have rights” you can discuss with your children how living together works better as part of the exhibition “Christoph Mikkel – Being Human, Being A Child, Being Me”. In addition to the presented graphics, a mini adventure course awaits you.

what: Family Leadership – My Right Is Your Right Too!
when: 05/28/22 at 3 pm
where: Graphic group house
Entry: From €2.50, registration required by 26.05.22, 3pm by email to museumspaedagogik@stadt.freiburg.de or by phone at 0761201-2501

Stone tour of the Teufelsgrund mine in Münstertal

On average, how many stones do you get from your children each week? And can you name one of them? In the guided tour for children from the age of nine, you can test your knowledge and learn more. The adventure trip takes about two hours and covers a distance of four kilometers. Don’t forget the good shoes.

what: Which stone is this? Guided tour on the Silver Trail
when: May 14 and 28, 2022 at 10 am
where: Meeting point: Teufelsgrund Visitor Münstertal car park, Münstertal
Entry: Registration is obligatory up to one day before the event: A. Sawallisch, tel: 07641 416699, email: geosawand@web.de

Family afternoon at the Museum of Contemporary Art

In addition to the infinite stone collection, we also have an infinite collection of pictures at home. Mama with her arms on her head, Mama without a nose but with a very big mouth, siblings with big nostrils and no ears and so on. Not all of these pictures are attractive, but they are all filled with imagination or reflect the age and level of development of children. You and your children from the age of five can learn how different faces can be painted on a family afternoon at the Museum of Contemporary Art and then design your own mask.

what: Family Afternoon – Colorful & Mask-like: Today I’m going to show you a different mask
when: 05/25/22, 2 p.m.
where: Contemporary Art Museum
Entry: From €5, registration required by 26.05.22, 3pm by email to museumspaedagogik@stadt.freiburg.de or by phone at 0761201-2501

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