Iglo launches two botanical classics

Iglo has added two new products to its range of vegan frozen foods: You can now find vegan versions of oven-baked fish and chicken dinosaurs in the freezer. You can learn more about the ingredients and the sustainability of the products here.

Oven-baked fish is a culinary classic, especially in northern Germany. Whether in a fish sandwich or served with potatoes and vegetables – fried fish is common, but not sustainable. OverfishingDestruction of the environment through fishing nets and factory cultivation aquaculture They are just some of the reasons why we should avoid fish or at least significantly reduce our consumption.

as well as chickennuggets In the form of a funny dinosaur poses some problems. These include, for example, the large amounts of greenhouse gases released during animal husbandry, transportation and processing of animal products. also mean Factory Cultivation The plants are stacked together in a very small space for chickens, mostly without seeing the sun once in their lifetime.

The good news: With the new iglo products, you can continue to enjoy both classics without supporting animal suffering and environmental destruction.

New from Iglo: vegan oven “grilled fish” and dinosaur nuggets

In addition to vegan fish fingers, vegan “chicken” schnitzels, and other vegan and vegetarian products from Igloo’s “Green Kitchen” collection, you can now also buy oven-baked vegan fish starting in May. This basically consists of Wheat and rice proteins Covered with crunchy breadcrumbs. he comes Without additional flavor enhancers go out and get in NutriScore At least grade B.

You can either prepare the fried fish in a frying pan with a little oil or in the oven without any additional fat. According to Iglo, the vegan product also provides you with a good amount thanks to the wheat and rice protein vegetable protein.

This also applies to dinosaur nuggets. This should Make vegetarian and healthy food palatable, especially for children And according to Iglo it is also a good source of the basic. You can also heat it in a frying pan or in the oven. What components it consists of is not yet known. However, they also have crunchy bread and may also consist of vegetable proteins inside. They even have the highest A on the Nutri-Score.

How sustainable are the new Iglo products?

Iglo vegan products are a good alternative to classic animal products. However, they have room for improvement.
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First of all, it’s of course welcome when big food manufacturers like Iglo also bring animal classics to the market in vegan versions. Because more herbal alternatives Finding customers in the supermarket makes it easier for them to avoid animal products.

This is not only better for the climate, environment and animals, but also for our health. After all, plant products are cholesterol-free and generally contain less fat, and most importantly, they contain less saturated fat. The two new Iglo products also perform equally well in the Nutri-Score.

But it also offers the potential for improvement: the products aren’t certified organic. This will be important to sustainable agriculture Promotion and chemical industry Insecticides to avoid. Additionally, the ingredient list doesn’t show where Iglo gets the individual ingredients from. Although rice and wheat are available from European agriculture, it is also possible that the group used goods imported from other continents. That would Life Cycle Assessment From the final products deteriorate significantly.

So it’s more sustainable if you make vegetable nuggets or vegetable fried fish yourself at home. Then you also save energy. After all, the products do not have to be frozen first and then reheated by you. Cardboard packaging is also omitted in this case.

For example, you can create nuggets or “fried fish” based on tofuCauliflower or chickpeas. for one vegan bread You can use breadcrumbs. When buying ingredients, pay attention to quality that is organic and regional as much as possible. However, if things have to be done quickly, Iglo’s vegan products are at least a more sustainable alternative to their animal counterparts.

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