Wet, dry or raw? This is how to properly feed your dog

  • Choosing the right dog food: dry food and wet food or vomit?
  • Wet or dry food: which is better?
  • How do I find them The right amount of food for my dog?
  • Here you will find important tips – So that your four-legged friend stays healthy
  • Is Barf Harmful?

No wonder that many dog owner completely laden Familiar with the right choice of food for their lovable four-legged friends. After all, every dog ​​owner wants only the best for his dog. The range of feeds offered now is huge and close to existence All price ranges From discounts to pet stores. Each manufacturer advertises its feed as the best. It’s no wonder that as a responsible dog owner, you end up feeling totally bewildered.

Choosing the right dog food: this is how you give the best to your four-legged friend

Of course, every dog ​​owner is faced with the question of how best to feed his dog. Usually the decision lies between dry food, wet food, bar And other feeding, for example treats And Snacks. A little bit of everything would be a good combination.

There is no comprehensive recommendation or recipe for a dog diet. There is Many factors play a role in choosing the right feed Should, for example: What is the breed of dog? As a rule, pedigree dogs have typical breed characteristics that must be taken into account. This may be an increased tendency towards sensitivity or intolerance as well as a tendency to bloat, nausea or rash.

Another role in choosing the right nutrition Play dog ​​age, body size, basic forage tolerance, dog performance requirements as well as basic metabolism and energy requirements.

Wet or dry food: which is better?

It is not generally possible to say whether wet or dry food is healthier for a dog. According to Stiftung Warentest, it is very important that the food is labeled complete nutrition Actions.

Perfectly formulated complete dog food provides the right amounts of all essential nutrients. Basically, it can be said that dry food is more digestible than wet food for the vast majority of dogs. On the other hand, wet food brings moisture with it, with dry food dogs should also drink an adequate amount.

Reading recommendation: Stiftung Warentest tested dry dog ​​food – you can find out the winners and losers in our article.

The right dog nutrition: it’s all in the mix

drenched in feed width and Many different expert opinionsIn the end, the only thing left is to get yourself smart and respond accurately to your dog’s individual needs. If you look at a wolf’s diet, you’ll see that most of the food comes from it high quality meat consists. The only vegetable that the wolf eats is the pre-digested chyme in the stomach of the killed animal.

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The rule of thumb is: Yes more natural is feeding, and better It is for the dog. In the case of compound feed, the meat content should be of high quality and higher than anything else. The more accurate the manufacturer’s declaration, the more you can assume that the feed is of good quality. So for example Accurately label the portion of processed meat Instead of, say, “45% animal protein,” which can usually be anything, including shredded chicken feathers.

As a rule, it brings more, not a small dog at all artificial flavoring sugar and flavors through the wrong choice of feed, but instead, for example, offering dried and portioned animal parts. This could be beef lungs, pig noses, hooves, bones, or rabbit ears. Tendons or dried cowhide, for example, are good for getting rid of itchy baby teeth before you start working on chair legs.

Diverse dog food

Is a dog first and foremost just mentioned conditionally addictedIt becomes difficult to return it to fine food as the manufacturer does not use these additives and therefore the dog no longer loves it.

It is better not to take risks with a small dog from the beginning. Changeable The dog will definitely have good quality dry food, good wet food and one meal per day. Of course the calorie requirements should be specific to the dog.

Key tip: Not the meat content itself is suitable for a good dog food, but the quantity essential nutrientsThis is included. They are not found in sufficient quantities in steak or muscle, but in organs and meat derivatives. The liver provides vitamin A, bone meal provides calcium and the rumen provides adequate protein.

The right amount of food for the dog: this is how you discover it

The information on the packaging is useful here: Nutrition information for dogs of different weight categories is given here. However, Stiftung Warentest notes that this information is not correct in all cases.

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Anyone feeding a new dog food should compare it to the old food – the primary focus should be on the fat and moisture content. If the new feed is richer, then it can be fed a little. There is only one thing that can help avoid weight gain: weigh your dog regularly.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to calculate the correct nutritional content of a food from the list of ingredients alone – because important details are missing. So it is always important to keep an eye on the dog. Does he appear sluggish and listless, or do you suspect his deficiency based on other signs he presents? Under certain conditions, this can be due to the lining.

Barf: Why raw food can make a dog sick

Barf stands for biologically appropriate raw food It should enable your dog (or cat) to follow a diet that is considered species-friendly as possible. That pub into reality health problem About animals, veterinarian Dr. Petra is all from the Small Animal Clinic in Munich.

“Older animals are more prone to liver and kidney damage, getting twice as much protein due to the higher proportion of meat in the ration. Bladder stones are usually due to overfeeding of bone and offal. We also see bone, thyroid and skin problems,” says the vet. Small dogs develop malformations of the skeleton. This happens when calcium and phosphorous intake is not well balanced.”

The problem for most dog owners who are on the go is that Recipes from the Internet or from books used, den Does not meet the nutritional needs of the animal Could you. BARF can certainly work – if specialist veterinarians are consulted at an early stage. According to Klle, about 25 percent of dog owners come to their clinic with their animals — often because Distrust of industrial feed Or since they suspected it Food makes your pet sick.

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