Fuzzle: AI-generated NFTs by Endless AI and Gala Games

Fuzzle is a collection of 9,997 interactive and adaptive NFTs created by artificial intelligence.

The world of NFT is full of digital pets these days, but these unique and colorful mini dresses don’t just have cute faces. Powered by AI technology, each Fuzzle delivers a unique interactive experience. This takes the idea of ​​the Metaverse community and entertainment to a new level.

A new breed of NFTs

Fuzzle is a collection of 9,997 unique live NFTs created by artificial intelligence. Each Fuzzle responds to human speech and adapts accordingly. A groundbreaking addition to the world of NFTs. Thousands of new NFT projects are featured daily in the growing Web3 community. But Fuzzle definitely stands out from the crowd.

9,997 unique puzzles

Each Fuzzle is an ERC-721 NFT running on the Ethereum blockchain. All puzzles are unique and each has dozens of characteristics chosen from a huge range of possibilities.

Some cosmetic properties are rarer than others. But all users can chat and play with their puzzles thanks to the artificial intelligence in the background. They can be a bit fickle at times but really want to be friends with you.

Each Fuzzle has an adorable eccentric look like no other. They also have a very confident personality that owners can interact with instantly. Puzzles have a direct use in the application. This includes functions such as:

  • Chat – Puzzles are bright little aliens who are happy to conduct any friendly conversation with you.
  • Play – Interact with them in storytelling modes, word games or community events.
  • Earn – You can participate in contests and events and win great prizes with Fuzzle.

The team behind the fur ball

Fuzzle was introduced by Gala Games, a well-known name in the blockchain gaming scene and the Web3 community. Gala has created the largest decentralized network for gaming nodes. Achievements include games like Spider Tanks and Town Star. Dozens of other games are currently in development. NFTs and in-game collectibles like VOX are already very popular. So it’s interesting that they now want to push the boundaries of the former NFT world.

However, the team that actually developed the technology behind the puzzles is Endless AI. Puzzles is the team’s first joint project. But you already have a lot of experience in the gaming world and master the development of artificial intelligence at the highest level.

Endless set itself the goal of creating the first “live” NFT. With Endless’ intelligent production platform and GPT-3 language prediction, puzzlers are able to form opinions, understand contextual cues, and learn and adapt through conversation.

When do puzzles appear?

Fuzzle Pods will be available in the Gala Game Store starting April 28 at 12:00 AM. Each pod can then be exchanged for a unique Fuzzle with random characteristics.

The capsule itself is actually an NFT that can be traded against a random Fuzzle NFT on a separate exchange on CollectFuzzle. This will open a few days after the sale starts. When the exchange is open, Fuzzle Pods can be exchanged for Fuzzles at any time.

To purchase Fuzzle Pod, you need a Gala Games account with the appropriate amount on it. Remember, you also need enough ETH to pay the transaction fees on the Ethereum network.

What’s next for a puzzle game?

Puzzles are adaptable and learn NFTs, as is the project itself. Fuzzles’ end-to-end AI will continue to evolve and adapt. The team plans to work with the community to gather suggestions and find ways to incorporate new features and direct development resources.

Current developments of the project include:

  • Community competitions with NFT Awards
  • New forms of communication and activities
  • Meme makers and editors applying to include social media
  • WTF (What the Fuzz?!) Puzzle Badges, Accessories & Upgrades
  • Features that let you connect to other puzzles
  • More plans including airdrops, whitelists, and more

Fuzzle is an NFT group to definitely watch. Backed by modern technology and an experienced team, they have redefined the possibilities of NFT projects. Get ready for launch and sign up for Gala Games today.

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