Noble: No to Bayern if Neuer remains

Alexander Noble talked about his future in Monaco. Tends not to see it in Munich. However, a return to FC Schalke 04 is conceivable for him at some point.

Alexander Nubel (right) came to Bayern Munich in 2020, but has yet to get past Manuel Neuer (left).
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The current terms of the contract show: Alexander Nubel (25) is on loan from Bayern Munich to Monaco until the end of the 2022/23 season. The goalkeeper himself said: “I will stay in Monaco for another year and a half, from now on, I will return in 2023.” However, he, of course, noted the efforts of the German record champions in the south of France to extend the contract with Manuel Neuer (36), which runs until 2023, for another season, that is, until 2024.

If Manu is still there, it makes no sense for me to go back.

The Nobel has a clear opinion of this constellation. “If Manuel is still around, I don’t think that will happen anymore,” he says. Then it must be agreed with Bayern Munich “How can we find the best solution, but I think if Manu is still around, it wouldn’t make sense for me to come back.” He has not forgotten after the 2020/21 season with only four competitive matches with Bayern. Noble says that another period on loan like the current one “could be considered”, but she sees such a model as “difficult”. Rather, it was “basically with the fact that I generally go a different path”.

Or it should be discussed again which clubs will be suitable “and what the future will look like in Munich”. The goalkeeper says he is “open to it”, but “tends to make the right decision”. Bayern Munich is still an option for him. “If I had the chance to be #1 out there, I’d never say never,” he explains. “Maybe the perspective has changed a little, that other options are still up for debate.” So it is no longer just Bayern Munich.

Early departure from Monaco? ‘A lot will happen there’

With an early departure from Monaco at the end of the current round, Noble says “I didn’t bother at all” and only Monaco and Bayern Munich had to agree. “A lot has to happen there.” The Guardian did not expect such a development.

Noble’s professional prospects are not limited to the dream of a private league, be it the Premier League in England or La Liga in Spain. The overall package with the club coach and goalkeepers should be just right. And the Champions League, whose team in Monaco next season can after seven consecutive victories – the club is fourth, equal in points with third-placed Rennes and three points behind second-placed Marseille – “always a target for him. I, “but It is not a prerequisite for choosing an employer.

Noble clearly answers the corresponding question from Kicker: “I can also imagine returning to the Bundesliga if the club is not called Bayern Munich. Certainly.”

“Hope, pray and share the fever”: a declaration of love for Schalke 04

Meanwhile, he is declaring his love for his former club FC Schalke 04. “I hope, pray and work for the club’s prosperity,” he says, hoping that a return to the Bundesliga will be a success this weekend. “I love this club,” Noble confirms after his incongruous farewell in 2020 and includes a return there in his professional plans, “not in the next year or two,” but what “at the end of my career or in three” four years” will happen open .

For Germany’s under-21 goalkeeper, 17 times, the national team should also be a problem, at least in the back of his mind. Participating in the Qatar World Cup, he was “busy without a zero point” and “no hope”. “There is no exchange” with the German federation – this is understandable for him, “we have great goalkeepers in Germany who all play at a high level.” In addition, he himself “does not wait for a call every day.”

But what after the 2022 World Cup? The mode is “open” and the performance will be determined. There is an improvement during his training abroad thanks to the practice of constant matches as a personality, in communication and in the field of self-confidence.

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