Which is recommended and which is mandatory?

  • Which Vaccinations for children Recommended?
  • and he a task?
  • Parents can Mandatory vaccinations overrun?
  • Why are some vaccinations particularly important?

Vaccinations are important to forbid against some diseases. Many vaccinations find in Childhood instead of. Even if most parents to They decide to vaccinate their young, more often doubts. since immunization By vaccination works well, many diseases occur in my knowledge or become to forget. ought to consequenceThat’s big interest on possible Side effects Vaccinations are given. Diseases facing children protected It must be a rescue without This protection, however, is high risk to her. so recommend stands up vaccination committee (STIKO) Some vaccinations.

What are the recommended vaccinations for children?

This is amazing Vaccines Approved by the Standing Committee on Pediatric Immunization 0-12 years Recommended:

  • diphtheria: One bacterial Infectious diseases.
  • TBE (Tick-borne encephalitis): caused by tick bites Transfer.
  • flu (influenza): very Contagious.
  • hepatitis B: has a special Average risk for one chronic gradual form.
  • Hib (Haemophilus influenzae type b): rather Anonymous The disease, however, can be severe.
  • human papilloma virusLong-term infection can increase cancer to lead.
  • Whooping cough: for grown ups Not particularly dangerous child But the cough can be big the threat He is.
  • Measles very Contagious An illness that can be especially dangerous for children.
  • meningococci: May cause bacterial meningitis.
  • mumps: can also be moved if that injured child Nobody Symptoms appear.
  • pneumococcusIt can have serious consequences in the long run and in the worst case deadly end up.
  • poliomyelitis (polio): is coming in Europe now not more Before, but can return at any time from other regions.
  • rotavirus. : is particularly contagious and can cause New Baby become very serious.
  • rubella: set more Danger to unborn children.
  • tetanus: The pathogen is widespread throughout the world.
  • smallpox: be high Contagious.

There are now some combination vaccines that protect against many of These diseases At the same time Maybe. This has a great advantage not for every sporadic one disease king Vaccination is necessary.

What are mandatory vaccinations?

Found in Germany so far merely The duty of the opposition measles for vaccination. However, this compulsory vaccination is not even March 1, 2020 entered into force. This regulation still applies to other diseases not. The first vaccination for older children about 11 months recommended. Controls are performed by community facilities, Like kindergarten or schools. When registering a child in such an institution, the vaccination or immunity The child can be demonstrated.

Compulsory measles vaccination has been introduced since measles very Contagious It has been increasing again and again in recent years leaked disease outbreak The disease has come. But measles is often different from what is often assumed Nobody childhood illnessbut can also be used for adults dangerous >> adjective He is. In addition, after severe injury Late Effects And Multiples occur fall appear.

There is currently a debate in Germany about whether a file General Compulsory vaccination against that Corona Virus It will make sense. However, it looks like that will be the case at this time not can prevail. Thus, the obligation to vaccinate against measles was just one Such regulation exists in this country. where 03/16/2022 though partial vaccination into force for care area Applicable. people who chat Healthcare work, now they have to prove that they are against Corona Virus They are vaccinated.

Can mandatory vaccinations be avoided?

changing infection protection act (IfSG) and the subsequent introduction of the mandatory measles vaccination in March 2020, affects all people distance 1970 were born and employee in society and health care services be. You are required to have one immunity To be able to emerge against disease. This can be done either by a Vaccination confirmation or prove a immunization due to the disease itself. Both must be from one Physician or confirmed by a doctor.

In principle, this obligation to vaccinate can be circumvented not. If none of the required evidence is provided, then Services Administrator Ministry of Health Notify. This can be a ban on activity and Entry ban in the relevant institutions. Parents should accompany unvaccinated children fines Calculate. a exclusion From school follows due to compulsory education not. Even situations that lead to a forced vaccination That would lead, does not exist.

However, there are also people who are exempt from this duty exempt be. People who, because of a health change Can not be vaccinated, have the opportunity through a medical confirmation Exempt from the obligation to vaccinate to become.

Why are some vaccinations so important for children?

Can definitely be vaccinated for everyone age categories They are very useful, but children in particular can through vaccinations good protected will. protect you through this Kself-growing immune system It has not yet been enhanced that before Follow And Effects Diseases can continue to get worse.

Next to protected Effect For the same child, vaccinations also have one positive Effect on protection else children. Vaccination can not only prevent possible heavy gradients preserved, but also transition Reducing or eliminating disease. This can also not to feed Children are protected.

It is also Logicalif adult reference persons They are vaccinated because they are too vector could be. Some diseases affect adults innocuous Children and infants can fatal consequences to have. This can be done by vaccinating the parents risk switchable drop will. Vaccination makes it possible immune systemThe child has dangerous viruses to prepare.

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