Casual Relationship What sets them apart?

A casual relationship, first of all, is not going anywhere. But how does this form of relationship work and what makes it special? We explain it to you.

This looks easy relaxationAnd uncomplicated And bidder. completely Without arguments and expectations. An informal relationship can only work if we talk to each other. above rules, limits and owning it Need.

Definition: What is a causal relationship?

An informal relationship gives both people more Empty space as a solid partnership. It can be seen as a compromise between a romantic relationship and an open relationship, in which the freedom of the occasional relationship is not based solely on, or sometimes not at all, sexual freedom. An informal relationship that gives the couple room for Special interests, profession or the self-awareness.

The difference between an open relationship and a casual relationship

It may sound similar, but an open relationship is different from an informal relationship. In an open relationship, a well-established romantic partnership develops into a desire to express oneself sexually outside of the relationship. Clear rules have been established for this. In a casual relationship, live from the start, it will be Not even a solid base created. The goal is There is no permanent bond To each other, in the foreground is first and foremost casual love With a lot of freedom.

However, it may happen that a person in a committed relationship expresses a desire to have an informal relationship. The person wants more Empty spaceThe Not necessarily as a critique of the partnership It must be seen.

How does a casual relationship affect mental health?

A study published in the journal Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Medicine looked at young adults with one Average age 20.5 years. About 20 percent Of the people surveyed said that Her last sexual encounter was by chance Came, including 29 percent of men And 14 percent of women. The research team can Compared to people in a stable relationship, There are no differences in mental well-being Turn it off.

Another 2013 study revisited this issue, but isolated some variables in its research. That was part of it Casual ‘independent’ sexual behaviorwhere the subject felt strongly attracted to the other person, wanted the experience, or viewed sex as a learning experience.

Casual ‘independent’ sexual behavior He defined himself through drunkenness, revenge on ex-partners, or a desire to develop casual sex into a committed relationship.

The researchers came to the conclusion that people who out of placedependent reasons They were looking for a casual sexual relationship, adeteriorating mental health Experienced, regardless of gender.

When is a casual relationship beneficial?

There can be many reasons for an informal relationship. However, it is important to consider this relationship model if you are in your current partnership restricted I feel you More freedom he wishes. This can be for your friends, family, profession or hobbies. Feeling obligated to spend every free minute with your partner can make you and your relationship happier in the long run.

On the other hand, if you’re a happy single, you can too Actively looking for a casual relationship he goes. you wish Episodic physical and emotional closeness Without relationship commitments? Then the informal relationship makes sense. In this case, it is important that you do so Clearly convey the other person’s intentions It is consistent with the relationship model.

Other reasons for an informal relationship:

  • You are looking for caressesbut I want you Don’t fall in love.
  • You have Separation behind you and you need one first Stay away from romantic relationships.
  • you want Harm and I want you Protection from emotional contact.
  • your want meet needs.
  • you Too busy to work And you only have time for a relationship on the weekends.
  • you have Not interested in a long-term relationship.
  • Want it Enjoy the moment and enjoy.

Pros and cons of an informal relationship

Characterized by a transverse relationship many freedoms out of place. There are almost no obligations that make it possible to own Free time plan independently And listen to your own needs. An informal relationship takes care of that No commitment, few expectations and an open end.

Benefits of Informal Relationship:

  • improvement Respect my self
  • barely Commitments and responsibility
  • Itself devoid of expectations the point
  • not binding
  • Focus on work or hobbies
  • Manal sexual attraction Let’s guide you
  • new try out

Although a casual relationship is not complicated, it also has drawbacks. For example when it is between two people Not clearly clear is that it is “just” a casual relationship. One party wants to spend time together every once in a while, while the other is baffled as to why they only call on the weekends.

If a romantic relationship is eased, it should Both people agree on the type of relationship Take something positive for yourself and your daily life. Entering into a casual relationship out of love for another will lead to contradictions in the long run.

Disadvantages of transverse relationship:

  • Mis-understanding
  • Few rules and conventions
  • unwanted feelings
  • Short expiration date
  • superficial

Tips: This is how a casual relationship works

Casual relationship stands and falls with honest communication Both people. If you notice a relationship evolving into a casual one, stand together Grammar employment. What is allowed and what is not? What do you want from an informal relationship? How do you feel about the matter? Having sex with others? It is a good kiss, the more details a file increases Desires and fears Discuss with each other, the happier you will be in a casual relationship.

Nor are these deals set in stone. Modifications are possible at any time It can also affect free time. It helps some couples to agree on dated days during the week. It’s important to be in a relationship I feel good And very worried.

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