Jurassic World Evolution meets Planet Zoo

Take Jurassic World Evolution and Planet Zoo, this is the rough description of a prehistoric kingdom. Game development from independent developers relatively unknown by Blue Meridian is poised to combine the strengths of the two great models from Frontier Software into one game. The title was recently introduced to Steam Early Access. We took a look at the current version.

prehistoric sand pit

The scope of the game is currently still manageable. So far, there is only one learning task under the scenarios menu item, which teaches you the basics of some functions. This is enough to get you started, especially for experienced players in the genre. However, since the game has a certain complex depth, this introduction can also be expanded. The game does not yet contain any other scenarios. Alternatively, the free game can be processed. There are two different modes to choose from. Sandbox is based on building without having to worry too much about the economy. In this mode, you can set infinite quest points and money, among other things. A paradise for Schönbauer.

If you are looking for an economical challenge, try the challenge mode on three different difficulty levels. The latter affects the amount of initial capital and research points available at the beginning of the game. Also, as the difficulty increases, so does the number of storms per year. So far, there are three maps in Great Britain, Spain and Costa Rica to choose from for both game modes. The maps differ mainly with different climatic zones and vegetation.

In addition to dinosaurs, you can also shelter primitive animals such as mammoths in your garden.

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The grueling gameplay should be familiar to anyone who’s ever played the park manager. We start on an empty landscape, only the park entrance building is already standing. Our task now is to create attractions, lay paths and ensure the well-being of visitors, who, we hope, will soon arrive in great numbers. In the case of the prehistoric kingdom, the attractions are not carousels and roller coasters, but primitive animals. In contrast to the evolution of the Jurassic world, the range of species is not limited to dinosaurs. There are also many Stone Age mammals and bird species, including mammoths, fine-toothed tigers, and woolly rhinos.

With the building set, there are almost no limits to your imagination.

With the building set, there are almost no limits to your imagination.

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At the beginning of the game we only have a few types available. Similar to Jurassic World Evolution, we’re unlocking new animal attractions via Expeditions. To do this, we must use scientific points to open the corresponding drilling sites. Our park automatically generates these points over time. In general, this region currently lacks little complexity.

Because in other areas of the game it looks completely different. The construction in particular offers many possibilities that creative players can break here. Creating fences for containers is still quite simple. Here we choose between stone, glass, metal and wood constructions, each of which can be assigned different levels of security. Then we simply drag the fence of our choice over the landscape as we like it. In order for animals to feel comfortable in their home, we must meet certain conditions. To do this, we establish a specific relationship between water, forests and open spaces. In addition, many species prefer a certain type of plant. Mammoths, for example, prefer trees in the northern tundra.

But one can is not enough. Of course, visitors also want to see animals, they want to be provided with food and drink, and ideally, they want to spend extra money in souvenir shops. So we have to create the appropriate facilities. To do this, we either select from prefabricated buildings or design the construction entirely ourselves, the basis of which is the unit that ensures the actual functionality of the building. For a snack, this will be the sales counter. Everywhere we can then unleash our imagination with many basic building blocks. A variety of textures can be customized for individual units and their size can be adjusted as desired.

Prehistoric Kingdom in Early Access Check Out: The Great Potential Dinosaur Building Game (2) [Quelle: PC Games]

Buildings constructed in this way can be saved for reuse – at least in theory. So far, the corresponding menu item has been darkened. The game cannot hide its early access status. In many places we encounter incomplete features and inaccessible functions. There are also notable errors. Among other things, our money continues to flow even if we pause the game. The graphics already look very elegant, especially with the animal models. But she still had the strong flickering of the tip. Especially on the white borders of accent objects and delicate metal structures.

In our opinion, developers should also lend a helping hand to menus. More clarity would be helpful here. On the other hand, there are menus that flood us with a jumble of information. On the other hand, there is important information we missed. For example, we could not find a complete overview of the energy source that would show us how much is produced and what is the consumption of buildings. Despite its still very obvious shortcomings and manageable scope so far, the prehistoric kingdom had a lot of potential to compete with the kind greats of Frontier.

Prehistoric Kingdom was developed by independent studio Blue Meridian and distributed by Crytivo. The game has been available in Early Access on Steam since April 27, 2022. The purchase price is around 25 euros. What do you think of the concept of a prehistoric kingdom? Tell us in the comments.

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