Mayoral Elections – Interview with Gerhard Lynchig: “Love for the Century Made It Easy”

After Jürgen Mayer’s resignation, Gerhard Lynchig had little time to think about becoming the new mayor of Horn.

Noun: Jürgen Mayer unexpectedly announced his resignation on Monday. Soon the decision was made to become his successor. How long did it take to think about it?

Gerhard Lyncheg: My love of the Horn and local politics made the decision easy for me. It was easier for me also by the fact that the ÖVP team, the opposition parties and the Century City Council team were very friendly. The entire political and administrative work at Horne is very professional. I know I can count on everyone out there. Therefore, the decision-making process did not take long.

Being the mayor of a community the size of Horne is quite a challenge. How will you deal with this situation?

LANCHAGE: I’m a different person than Jürgen Mayer. But I also learned a lot from him through good and honest cooperation with him. So I don’t want to change anything major in the core business. We have to keep working, and we shouldn’t let things stand still. I’ve been retired since March 1st, so my time count allowed me to make the decision. One thing is clear: Being mayor of Horn is a full-time job — if you want to make a difference. I’m ready to take on the challenge.

I mentioned it: What does Mayor Gerhard Lyncheig want to achieve in Horn? What projects are currently on the agenda?

LANCHAGE: The Stadtsee project is currently awesome. In addition to many other points, the design of the inner city is an important issue. Transport links to Hopfengartenstrasse, the continuing redesign of the museum, and the question of bike paths – both in the city center and in the districts – are things to look at. For the future, we also have to look at how we will use the buildings in Rathausplatz that the municipality has bought. This list is by no means exhaustive. However, we always have to monitor affordability and urgency factors in projects.

You are considered a person who loves to talk to people, engage with them, and be social. Do you consider that one of your strengths?

LANCHAGE: Since the NÖN article about the decision was published online, I have received a lot of positive encouragement from residents. I’ve got support from all sides. It is always difficult to judge or evaluate yourself. But I like to get an idea of ​​what moves people. It is important to listen to the audience, as good and constructive suggestions often appear. The important question then is always how to implement it. But yes, I like to be among people, talk to them and am not afraid of communication.

What about communication concerns with other parties? How do you want to work together there?

LANCHAGE: Jürgen Mayer showed how this is done. If the will is there, we can work together at Horne in a constructive and objective way. I got to know delegates from other factions as open-minded people. Before the next election there will probably be somewhat rougher tones again, but that’s part of democracy. Diversity of opinions often facilitates positive decision-making, which should be viewed favorably in a democracy. But basically you can see that all sides understand that we have to work together for Horn.

How long will Gerhard Linchig remain mayor? What’s after the 2025 elections?

LANCHAGE: It is still too early to answer this question. Of course I want to stay consistent until the elections of 2025. In 2024, we will think about how we position ourselves in the elections. You have now seen that things can often happen very quickly and unexpected things happen. I don’t want to rule out remaining mayor after the election. But a lot could happen before then.

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