“Red Roses”: The former actress is back in the new season

“Red flowers”
The former main actress is back in the new season

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News of the current series in the GALA tape: “Red Roses”: famous series character in the new season +++ The actors of “Red Roses” leave the series +++ “In all friendship” Fans can breathe a sigh of relief – these stars are back.

News of the series in the tape GALA

May 4, 2022

“Red Roses”: Mona returns to Lüneburg for the new season

“Red Roses” actress Jana Hora-Goosmann, 54, who starred in the series last season’s Mona Herzberg, is back for a few episodes. At the time, she took on the role of mother from Sarah Herzberg (Antonia Jungwirth, 30), who is now pregnant and can use the help to face the challenges ahead. Reason enough to help Mona actively support her half-sister.

‘Red Roses’: Simon feels excluded from Mona (left) and Sarah.

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In Episode 3576, which will be broadcast on Wednesday, June 8, Mona will return to Luneburg. She’d like to help her adopted daughter buy a stroller—which is probably why Hora-Goosmann’s comeback is only planned for two episodes at the moment. But things will turn out differently: Simone (Thor Lutje, 29), who wants to be the father of Sarah’s unborn child, feels excluded from her, and Mona brings out the reason for this in a conversation with her sister: she no longer has it. feelings for Simon. Next episodes will tell if Mona will extend her visit to Lüneburg to support Sarah in this difficult situation.

May 3, 2022

‘Red Roses’: a couple leaving Lüneburg

Viewers of Root Rosen already know that the end of each season of the popular series is also associated with farewell. This year, four actors are leaving the series. After Catherine (Nicole Ernst, 49) and Florian (Stefan Bleib, 54) separated, he initially planned to move to Lisbon on his own. However, one trip reminded him of his love for Anke (Anne Brendler, 50) and so he lost his courage and asked her to accompany him to Portugal. After a moment of hesitation – and Catherine’s words of encouragement – he decides that you are his escort.

“Red Roses”: Catherine and Leo say goodbye to their friends and the house of roses.

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And Catherine also decides on love: after a kiss between her and Leo (Daniel Hartwig, 44), there is a horrific incident in which Leo is seriously injured and remains trapped in a coma for weeks. After he comes back to life, they both confess their love and want to enjoy being together – but then Leo gets a call from his old friend Vito: he wants to know when Leo is coming to Elba. It doesn’t take long for Catherine to decide to accompany her great love. In the final episode of the current season on Monday, May 30th, the two will leave Luneburg and Root Rosen.

May 2, 2022

These “All Friendship” stars will be back soon

Since the dramatic finale of the double-episode “In All Friendship” on Tuesday, April 26, 2022, fans have been afraid to refer to Dr. Kay Hoffman (Julian Wegend, 50) has to do without him. The popular doctor fell victim to his alcoholism again and took an indefinite leave of absence to recover. But will he ever return? ARD answered this question and also revealed two other sensations.

Fans can rest easy: d. Kai Hoffmann will return to the Sachsen Clinic. So viewers do not have to do without the character for a long time. But Hoffman is no longer alone: ​​two of his co-stars are doing the same. Also d’ Maria Webber is back in the clinic — but it’s not yet certain when Annette Rainberg, 44, will return to her role.

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The announcer also reveals, d. Lily Fan (Mae Dong Kyu, 35) will soon appear again as a doctor in the series. What many did not know: the beloved actress left because of her pregnancy and a few days ago confirmed that she had become a mother. Her daughter is now 18 months old and she is her pride.

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