The MMORPG wanted to be the “new Ultrama Online”, but it failed badly

With Legends of Aria, developer Citadel Studios really wanted to create some kind of successor to Ultima Online. There were many similarities. But the MMORPG flopped on Steam. The company is now sold out and the new owner is planning an extraordinary comeback. A new Legends of Aria should come in 2022 – with new content and Play2Earn.

What kind of game is this?

  • Legends of Aria is a sandbox MMORPG that we’ve been covering here on MeinMMO since 2015. It originally raised over $100,000 on Kickstarter as Shards Online, and mostly attracted old school players.
  • The developers have promised them a feel like Ultima Online. That’s why levels should be avoided and characters improved through skills instead. There were also many other similar features, including housing and an iso perspective.
  • However, the MMORPG has not received much attention. When it was released in August 2019, 1,150 people played Legends of Aria at the same time – a record to date (via SteamCharts).
  • Even the change to Free2Play in 2020 didn’t make any difference. Since September 2021, the number of concurrent players has always been in double digits. On average, there are not even 20 players online anymore. The last major update was also in the summer of 2020.

In December 2021, Blue Money Games will buy the entire studio, including Legends of Aria and the engine. Now this studio wants to take the game to new heights with a new version.

You can get a first glimpse of the game in this video by YouTuber Fischturd:

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New content and cryptocurrency to save Legends of Aria

What happens to Legends of Aria? The revised version of the MMORPG should have a cryptocurrency, but also some new features. The text of the statement on the website reads:

We will be relaunching the game with a focus on implementing the foundational version of Legends of Aria, implemented with new content, a new playable world, new sandbox content such as boot, player housing, improved PvP systems, prison systems, and more. .

Via Song Legends

New features also include a third person view. Players should be able to decide for themselves whether they want to play in the old iso perspective or the new view.

This new closed alpha release is scheduled to go live on May 11th. Anyone with an optional Legends of Aria subscription can participate. An open beta is planned for June/July.

What is cryptocurrency all about? This will also be part of Legends of Aria. So players who are new to the MMORPG should already be able to earn money. This should be possible through the collection and breeding of pets, general trade and plunder.

You should be able to buy and sell items, but also entire characters, via the NFT Store. In addition, ARIA tokens must be earnable in-game. According to the roadmap, the activation of the NFT market is scheduled for August.

When will the new version appear? The official release is scheduled for October. Until then, new content related to NFTs and a Creators Program will be implemented, the roadmap reveals. However, the new version should always require a subscription.

An in-game poker and pet system is then scheduled for November 2022, which will be followed by a review of the housing system and a new map in the first quarter of 2023. Other revisions such as a new PvP mode will only come in the new year.

A VR version of the game is also scheduled to be released in the third quarter of 2023.

The old version becomes Legends of Aria Classic

What if I don’t want NFTs? The developers have thought about that, too. The previous Legends of Aria game has been dubbed “Classic” and will be published in a new client. In this version, players can continue to run their community servers, but they will no longer receive major content updates.

What are your thoughts on the changes to Legends of Aria? Could you be attracted to the new features and Play2Earn or will you also ignore the new version of the MMORPG?

I myself predicted the death of Legends of Aria in a column in early 2021. But in 2022 I actually corrected this statement due to the purchase by Blue Money Games. However, there are 6 more games that I think will die this year:

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