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Ulrich Tukur has shaped the Hamburg theater scene for years. He was born in Fernheim on July 29, 1957. This year the singer, author and actor is represented in a film in Cannes.

by Stella Peters

Ulrich Tukur has shaped the Hamburg theater scene for years. In “Plus que jamais” (“More than ever”) by German director Emily Atif, which was produced for After scoring at the Cannes Film Festival, he stars alongside Vicki Krebs and recently deceased Frenchman Gaspard Ulliel.

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Several jointly produced North German films are shown at the festival, and a drama by director Emily Atef with Ulrich Tukur was subsequently recorded. more

Ulrich Tukur withdrew from his acting studies at the age of 23

He was born in Wernheim on July 29, 1957, 65 years ago. After military service, he studied German, English and history – and was bored. In his sophomore year, he happened to watch “The Threepenny’s Opera.” Production wakes him: at the age of 23 he interrupts his first degree and starts a second time: acting in Stuttgart.

He does not like to remember the three years he spent at drama school: “We have long improvisation lessons where you had to play an animal,” Tukur recalls his time in Stuttgart. “Everything had a somewhat sectarian touch. It was against the tide for me.”

Great career – promoted by Peter Sadek

Ulrich Tukur © fotolia, imago Photo: photonetworkde, Sven Simon

Ulrich Tukur was born on July 29, 1957. He did not get into acting until he was 23 years old.

But Takur persisted and started a distinguished career. While still a student, he made his first feature film with director Michael Verhoeven. Only a year after graduating, he auditioned for the great Peter Sadik and convinces. Zadek awarded him the role of SS Officer Kittel in the production of “Ghetto” at Volksbühne Berlin. This would be an achievement for Ulrich Tukur as a theater actor.

“At the time, I had no idea it was yelling and puffing,” Tukur says decades later. He didn’t even know who exactly Peter Sadiq was. That certainty Peter Sadik then becomes an important patron of the actor Tukur. In 1985 Ulrich Tukur followed him to the Schauspielhaus in Hamburg. Here he remained a member of the band for ten years. He then took over the artistic direction of the Hamburger Kammerspiele until 2003. For Ulrich Tukur, the city of Hamburg is closely associated with his theatrical career. Tukur still says that it feels first and foremost like a hamburger. He lived in Venice for more than 15 years.

Ulrich Tukur: actor, author and singer

Ulrich Tukur plays grand piano at the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival.  © NDR

Tukur is not only at home on stage, but also in concert halls, as here at the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival.

He also achieved huge success as a movie actor just as quickly as he did in the theater. In 1986 he played the role of Andreas Baader in the movie Stammheim. In one fell swoop, Tukur became known to the general public. Since then he has played role after role.

Tukur seems to be constantly engaged. Whether on stage or screen: critics and audiences love him. his energy. His appearance: The tall blonde plays character roles, he also writes books and cultivates his passion: music of the twenties to forties. With his band “Ulrich Tukur and the Rhythm Boys” he recorded seven albums. Multi-talented Tokur sings and plays the piano and accordion. For him, music is a “big counterweight” to acting.

Oscar for “The Lives of Others”

But he celebrates his greatest success as an actor. In 2006, Stacey’s drama “The Lives of Others” won an Oscar. Ulrich Tukur plays Lieutenant Colonel Anton Grubetz in it. Meanwhile, 37 years on the German stage and screens, Tukur has won nearly all of the major acting awards.

Scene from the crime scene

Tukur is also allowed to investigate the crime scene: as Commissioner Felix Murot, he is on a Wiesbaden murder hunt.

He’s embodied every significant role at least once, including Hamlet, Bear Gent, Jedermann twice in Salzburg, Gerzimk, and Erwin Rommel – and since 2010 he’s also been a crime scene investigator. Ulrich Tukur is an exceptional actor full of energy – even at around 65 years old.

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Director Emily Atef

Several jointly produced North German films are shown at the festival, and a drama by director Emily Atef with Ulrich Tukur was subsequently recorded. more

The Brandt Family on the Roof (Arndt Schwering-Sonnery, Christian Paul, Willie Jerk).  © NDR / Cinecentrum

The docu-fiction realistically reconstructs the 1962 flood disaster in Hamburg. more

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