Wittgenstein: Children are still welcome in restaurants

Regional restaurants report on their experiences with children. This is how they see the ban on young visitors.

A restaurant on the Baltic Sea decided to serve only people twelve years to host. and ban Visible to young visitors. Background: There have always been unpleasant incidents involving families smallest Share the children. who – which problem Actually not children, but parents. Not many will care what is appropriate education Take care of yourself, they say. Some parents just stared absent In a cell phone while their children scream through it Sweetened stormed into. But what do restaurant owners in Wittgenstein say about this?

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Reviews of restaurateurs from Bad Laasphe

Ban a children’s restaurant? It could be Andreas Doerr a house, “Landhotel Doerr” in Feudingen. “Anyone who wants to come into my house — too childrenDirector said. and the parents Of his guests as he took care of their children. “With us in the hotel You are behaving normally. “But he understands when the hosts react like the hosts Baltic Sea, which no longer entertains children. Obviously this one Host On the Baltic Sea children experience there Next to You act where others like to relax.

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To Frank Barth, owner of “Lahnstuben” AM Wilhelmsplatz In Bad Laasphe, there is also a ban on children as guests Muharram. Definitely: “We have a lot of parents who have kids here,” he says. “But we have a play corner for the kids, so they can play there running. “Building blocks, lots of papers to color in with crayons—”that’s enough for most people,” Barth said. And if needed, he could. offspring Paint on the guest table. But even if the children in the restaurant ‘across the area do gymnastics“It was that bad in “Lahnstuben” It was not before. “If we have service staff If you say you don’t, then you will succeed too. housing rights to benefit from.

Restaurateurs’ opinions of Bad Berleburg

It won’t be in “La Scala Trattoria – Vino Teca” in Bad Berleburg either General Visit ban Franco Tonolo says for children under the age of twelve. However, the restaurant in Herrengarten already has homely Experiences with families. if he can resolution Understanding the owner. But no Scala doesn’t want one Long-term Go step as they usually do gladly Children are welcome in their restaurant. Action in the event of an accident should always be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and Individually I decided how to deal with it. Tonolo has been working since then 30 years In gastronomy and see how it works behavior of families have changed over the years. For him, parents should be more involved with the kids rather than spending time together on their kids smart phone to distract.

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For Michael Muller of “Landgasthof Restaurant Laibach” the ban is not to choose. He has also had the experience that many parents leave their children Easy Let it go: “Get on coloring pens pressed by hand and then allowed to paint hard on the floor or wall so that it is quiet”, says the owner. Meanwhile, such events increased: “It really is more extreme Unfortunately, it is no longer rare for children incorrect They can act and tell the parents Did not matter It seems to be so,” says Mueller.

a ban Out of the question for him at the moment: “Under the current situation, I wouldn’t think of such a thing for us.” Children are still welcome in the country hostel and the fact that children cannot sit still for a while as adults Definitely. “No one should forget that we were children once too.” The owner does not expect perfect behavior at all. But when the children are on Passage A place where waitresses and waiters have to get hot food to serve and parents don’t reactthat’s just him Incomprehensible. “How often do we go through putting kids in front of smartphones or tablets and shutting them down.” Mueller thinks parents care more education Their children should lie.

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