You can trust this Soul Partner!

Great Lunar Eclipse Horoscope: You Can Trust This Soul Partner!

A great celestial event is upon us. On Monday, May 16, there will be a lunar eclipse. Darkness – doesn’t that signify more darkness, doesn’t that make us fear more unreasonable demands in our lives? The opposite is true: this lunar eclipse can and will change many things in our lives for the better. Our fears disappear and our feelings heal. The black moon gives us a wonderful gift. We must accept it gratefully.

What does the opposition of the sun and the moon mean to us?

The black moon on May 16 is the full moon in Scorpio. The full moon site means that The sun and the moon in opposition To meet opposition, another term, such as the word dark, initially evokes negative associations. The opposition does not this mean strife, conflict and lack of reconciliation? This could be the case, but it doesn’t have to be.

First of all, the opposition of the Moon and the Sun indicates that both stars make their astrological principles more clear than any other constellation. On the one hand there is the maternal principle, the realm of feelings, sympathy, intuition and the subconscious. On the sunny side, among others, the principle of the father, strength, idea, character development, the essence of man.

And now the conclusion: it is up to us whether these principles conflict and cause harm, or whether they combine harmoniously and create something new, something wonderful. What a great opportunity in our hands!

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Scorpio has this effect on the moon

Let’s now look at Scorpio, where the full moon is. Scorpio is a sign that will not rest until he penetrates into the depths and ultimate secrets of life. Scorpios are not satisfied with superficiality, nor with mediocrity and seemingly comfortable compromises. His emotional spectrum favors the extreme. In order to find out the truth and as best they can, Scorpios are not shy about danger. This is the reason why the full moon in Scorpio wants to explore our feelings and all the subconscious that lies within us to the depths. Under the spell of her magic, we learn about all the longings and desires we’ve suppressed. Simply because we were previously convinced that they would not fit into our daily lives and our way of life. However, Scorpio does not take into account such concerns. It shows us that there is no point in hiding your true feelings and wishes from life.

This full moon wants us Free from the shackles of frustration, surrender, and tenderness of the heart Instead it gives us the prospect of a successful and fulfilling life. Let’s look forward to this wonderful offer!

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This is how a lunar eclipse works

And finally, what can we expect from the lunar eclipse on May 16? Can miracles really happen? It all depends on what you, dear Astrowoche readers, understand by a miracle. If this includes an unexpected opportunity To reconcile his true feelings with real life, one can talk about a wonderful event. Turning the juxtaposition or even the opposition of longing and reality into a togetherness can be the greatest gift of this lunar eclipse. Heart, mind, feelings and thoughts suddenly come together in harmony. Just as the Black Moon puts the past aside and allows it to rest in peace, we can also let the past rest, including all our perceived mistakes and fears, including all the grievances and tragedies we had to endure. This is how this lunar eclipse refers to us in the first place: It’s time to hack! It is time for a fresh start!

This sounds a little drastic, but it doesn’t require us to do anything that doesn’t make sense to us. Sure, we need some courage to look into our subconscious, perhaps even in our own darkness. But we will discover a lot more there that are definitely worth highlighting and reviving. Quality time in a lunar eclipse is an opportunity not to be missed. The black moon transforms our feelings into energy and creative force for new life. So let’s entrust these feelings unreservedly to the Black Moon. The Black Moon is like a soul mate who won’t let us down.

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