Consecration Blitz: The Spring Book in the Community Library

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The Isernhagen Community Library, Bothfelder Straße 26 in Altwarmbüchen, has new books on loan and invites you to ‘Book Spring’.

Rachel Lucas: The Little Library at the Post Office

Stuck in a hamster’s wheel in everyday life as the mother of a soccer-obsessed teen and workaholic wife, Hannah wonders why her own interests have always been neglected. When an unexpected opportunity arises to take over the village store and the post office of Little Modly, she does not hesitate for a long time.

Sasha Filippenko: The chase

Filippenko tells the story of the idealistic journalist Anton Quint, who challenges the Russian oligarchy. He then gives the command to quit Quint. The chase continues.

Jennifer Armantroot: Blood and Ash / Flesh and Fire – Love knows no bounds

Fantasy reading fodder! Poppy is the chosen one. If she receives the blessing of the gods, she will be the only one who can save her homeland from the attack of the cursed kingdom. This is what tradition and law want. But the life of the chosen one is lonely. No one may look at her, let alone talk to her or touch her. One day, the handsome Hawk with golden eyes, a lowly smile and provocative banter is assigned to her bodyguard, realizing that there can be much more to her life than just her job…Part 3 in May

Lina Gorelik: Who are we?

Saint Petersburg / Ludwigsburg 1992. A girl travels to Germany with her parents, grandmother and brother – for freedom. What she left behind is her beloved dog Asta, the imaginary phone number and almost everything that connects her to Djyoshka, my grandfather – ultimately her childhood. In the West, the 11-year-old realizes that she is now someone else and the “stranger”. A refugee child wears his own tailored jacket and utters words so funny that others laugh. The foreign German language helps the girl to grow up and conquer the life that she had hoped for. But ideas about what freedom is, differ more and more between parent and daughter. Especially when she is creating a family on her own and she has to make decisions.

Aja Leutner: Via Turin

1969: Against the wishes of her conservative parents, the free-spirited Eleonora left her law studies in Tübingen to join a workers’ strike in Turin. In Italy, Eleonora meets the love of her life. Twenty-five years later, her daughter Rosalia is at a crossroads: an unplanned pregnancy turns the young woman’s life upside down, but she vows to complete her biology studies in Munich and continue to realize her dream. She is completely focused on her career and raising her daughter Melina on her own. When Eleonora’s husband died in 2018, the three women traveled from Munich to southern Italy to fulfill his last wish. A journey forces them to meet again and leads to an unexpected reunion.

Stephanie von Wolfe: Miss Miracle – Golden Times

Hamburg 1953. Ellie, the daughter of a respected merchant family, looks forward to a secure and prosperous life. The right pair has already been found. But Ellie wants more and has other plans for her future. When she meets Peter, who works at the still young NWDR, she is immediately fascinated by the new, colorful world of television. In the face of her family’s bitter resistance, she works there as an liberation assistant and soon makes herself indispensable. Your big dream, your talk show, seems to be within reach…

Annette Winners: Diplomatic Alley

In 1974, Heike lived in solitude with her husband and children in Bonn, occasionally helping out in a stationery store. She could always go on like this, but one day her old university professor, head of the Institute of Graphology, was in the shop. He wants to take advantage of Heike’s enormous talent: no one can read from handwriting as much as you can. But she no longer wants it to have anything to do with graphology — for good reason. They also do not trust the professor. In fact, he participates in the creation of the permanent representation of the German Democratic Republic in Bonn and gets Hayek in the whirlpool of dramatic events …

Neta Prose: The Maid – Maid Check

Every morning, 25-year-old Molly Gray looks forward to her job as a maid at the venerable Regency Grand Hotel, only satisfied when she returns the elegant suites to their original condition. But when Molly finds the infamous and very wealthy Mr. Black dead in his crumpled room, it not only disturbs her sense of cleanliness. Because Molly is not like the others, and her rather strange behavior immediately makes her the prime suspect. Fortunately, Molly has her grandmother’s proverbs, a nice place for Inspector Colombo – and true friends in the hotel to help her restore order.

Interested parties can also find all media from the Isernhagen Community Library on the website at There you can also renew your book online and reserve the media for the loan or pre-order it if it is already on loan. Opening times are Monday from 3pm to 6pm, Tuesday from 3pm to 6pm, Wednesday from 10am to 12pm and 3pm to 6pm, Thursday from 10am to 12pm and from 2pm to 6pm and Friday from 3pm to 6 pm. You can also contact her at 0511/6151237.

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