How do I know if my Kinder product has been affected?

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A number of Ferrero products are affected by the recall process – but how do you know which ones? (crowd). © teutopress / Imago & Geisser / Imago

Ferrero’s recall begs the question for customers which “nice” products they can still eat. The so-called EAN token provides the information.

Cologne – The Ferrero Salmonella scandal is worrying customers across Germany. What Ferrero or “kinder” products can I still take without hesitation? What commodities are at risk of contracting salmonella? And above all: How do I know if the products I have purchased are dangerous to my health? To find out, just look at the so-called EAN number, which can be found on the packaging directly under the barcode.

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Ferrero recall: Salmonella dangers – how to identify affected products

EAN code – what is it, what does it represent, and where can I find it?

EAN stands for European Article Number. The corresponding EAN code consists of eight to 13 digits. If read correctly, it provides information about the source of the goods, the company that made them, the date they were produced, etc. Consumers can find the EAN code directly below the bar code on the merchandise package.

Ferrero has released a list of products affected by the recall, along with their EAN numbers. For example, if you still have products from the “cuteest” group at home from Easter, like chocolate bonbons or surprise eggs, you can compare the numbers with a quick look at the barcode and see if the sweets are affected by Reconnect. The very popular children’s chocolate is also unaffected. The following products have been recalled by Ferrero and should not be taken back to the supermarket:

We remind Ferrero: DO NOT CONSUME THE FOLLOWING PRODUCTS – Affected Chocolate Candies and Surprise Eggs

Kinder Surprise 3er Pack (3x 20g) Classic Egg 4008400240329 All MHD
Kinder Surprise Pack of 3 (3x 20g) Pink Egg 4008400480329 All MHD
Children’s chocolate candy 125 g 5413548280189 All MHD
Chocolate candy for children 200 g 5413548283128 All MHD
Chocolate candy for children 300 g 4008400621722 All MHD
Bones Kids Chocolate 200g + 25g Free 4008400280127 All MHD
Bones Chocolate for Kids 300 gm + 50 gm free 4008400621920 All MHD
Bones Chocolate for Kids 350 gm 8000500269633 All MHD
Children’s chocolate candy 500 gm 5413548015552 All MHD
Bones Kids White Chocolate 200gm 8000500289877 All MHD
Kinder Surprise Maxi Classic Egg 100gm 4008400231327 All MHD
Kinder Surprise Maxi Pink Egg 100gm 4008400230825 All MHD
Kinder mini eggs with hazelnut 100 gm 8000500196809 All MHD
Baby Cocoa Egg Mini 100gm 8000500361207 All MHD
Kinder mini kinder chocolate eggs 100 gm 8000500234303 All MHD
Kinder Mix Colored Mix 132 gm 4008400313221 All MHD
Mixed basket for children 86g 8000500350911 All MHD
Mixed bag for children 193 grams 8000500371466 All MHD
Happy Moments for Babies 162g 8000500284391 All MHD
Kinder Happy Moments Mini Mix – Greetings Edition 162g 8000500284391 All MHD
Kinder Surprise Maxi Smurf Egg 100gm 8000500269008 All MHD
Mini Mixed Baby Eggs 250gm 8000500295168 All MHD
Maxi Mix Plush For Kids 133gm 4008400271323 All MHD
Kinder Surprise 4er Pack (4x20g) 4008400240527 All MHD
Kinder Surprise Maxi Classic Christmas Egg 100g 4008400230726 All MHD
Kinder Surprise Maxi Pink Christmas Egg 100gm 4008400231723 All MHD
Mix Kids Shoes 219 gm 8000500371435 All MHD
Mixed Baby Gift Bag 193gm 8000500370551 All MHD
Maxi Mix Plush For Kids 133gm 4008400270326 All MHD
Baby Advent Calendar Mix 127g 8000500242131 All MHD
K Mix Easter Gift Bag, 194gm 8000500390160 All MHD

Incidentally, the Best Before (MHD) history does not play a role in Ferrero’s recall. As the company explained, the redemption has been extended to all pre-best dates. This means: If the EAN number from the table shown here matches a “nice” product purchased, you should definitely get your hands off it.

Ferrero recall: Consumer advice center criticizes information policy

Remember Ferrero: How do I know I have salmonella?

According to the Consumer Center, salmonella appears within a few days after having diarrhea and abdominal pain. Sometimes vomiting and mild fever can occur. However, symptoms usually go away on their own after a few days in otherwise healthy people. However, anyone who develops persistent or severe symptoms should see a doctor.

Recently, the Consumer Advisory Center also criticized Ferrero’s actions. Accordingly, it was “rude and irresponsible” that customers remained in ignorance about the danger of salmonella for a long time. The company is said to have been aware of the danger since the winter of 2021, but did not provide information about it until April 2022. As a result, there was a huge recall of Ferrero products from several German supermarkets, including Kaufland, Rewe, Globus, Edeka, Penny, Lidl or Aldi. (Moe) More news on the 24RHEIN homepage. Tip: Get informed daily about what’s happening at NRW – simply sign up for our free 24-hour newsletter.

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