How do I properly train my dog?

The most important thing is that the dog has set boundaries from the start. It is also important to strengthen the bond between the dog and the human being. This can be achieved through various activities. The most important thing is to build trust. Training dogs in parkour dogs can ensure that they develop a general sense of accomplishment. It’s also important to save time, find the right balance between rest and activity, and paying attention to needs and taking them seriously.

In addition, these animals are looking for a new home:

Salt Cat (female, neuter, 7 years old)

Sweet Cat Lady Salt is currently looking for her new home. Salt only needs a moment to get to know you before she lays her head against you and invites you to pet her. Then she purrs with relish and can’t get enough. Otherwise, she sleeps a lot and enjoys the peace. She doesn’t need a lot of hustle and bustle around her, Salt is a really simple cat and if she wants you can also sit on the sofa and cuddle. Beautiful Salt can be kept like one cat because they don’t get along well with other cats, but they don’t mind if a cat is already living in their new home. The refuge wants Salt to have a nice home with loving people and a chance to get outside so she can explore. Keepers can picture salt with one person or a couple who also enjoy playing with her and giving her occasional mental and physical support to keep her fit and healthy. This adorable cat lady is looking forward to forming a positive and strong relationship with her new owners.

(Photo: Telebase)

Cat Grimhilde (female, older; exact age not known)

The Great Lady Grimhilde infiltrates nearly every heart at breakneck speed. Grimhilde came to the shelter as a bastard cat, but unfortunately no one contacted her and she is now looking for a new home. An older cat can be alone, but as soon as you get close to her, she will enthusiastically ask for your pet. Then meow loudly until you get it. If you stand right next to her, she will occasionally get a cute paw as a sign of her attention. She cleverly wraps everyone around her finger and finally achieves her goal, the caresses and the required attention. She likes it a lot and also purrs with relish. Since the Grimhilde doesn’t hear much anymore, the animal shelter looks for a home with a fenced garden or balcony so she can enjoy safe access to the outside. Grimhilde also needs loving people with whom she can build a nice relationship and thus enjoy her life to the fullest. Who can imagine giving a beautiful old woman a beautiful home for her last golden years?

(Photo: Telebase)

Goldie’s golden hamster (female, age unknown)

Goldie’s little golden hamster has only been in the shelter for a short time and would like to find a cute home as soon as possible. A tamed hamster is a very lively and active little companion, but it also needs its rest periods. But there is no problem to take it out of the box, for example to restructure it, so that it can discover new things afterwards and be busy enough. Golden hamsters are incompatible with other hamsters, which is why Goldie is looking for a home without other hamsters, but with a large enclosure. This should include plenty of bedding so he can dig his tunnels, as well as two houses and a running board to keep him occupied. Since Goldis’ teeth are rootless and constantly growing, he needs materials such as branches on which to set his teeth.

Little Goldie is nocturnal, so you can’t see much of it during the day. He is looking for people who understand that hamsters are nocturnal and not as incubating pets, yet are animal lovers and care about providing him with a beautiful life fit for the species.

(Photo: Telebase)

If you are also interested in adopting an animal, please contact the Basel Animal Shelter:

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