There is an urgent need for reinforcements for children’s and youth choirs

Gelsenkirchen School of Music is looking for reinforcements for children’s and youth choirs. Free tasting session possible on May 6.

The epidemic has also left visible traces in the municipal music school: the children’s choir counted 29 participants in pre-Corona times, but there are currently only eight. The youth choir staff has decreased from 21 to 13 active members in the same period. In order to counteract this negative trend, there is now not only a reorganization of the personnel, but also an open rehearsal for the choir. This chance to sample the stuff will be available for the first time on Friday, May 6th.

Set a fresh impetus with new faces

“With the open rehearsal of the choir, we want to give a new impulse and make children and young people want to sing together,” says Christian van den Berg Bremer, head of the music school. Prior knowledge is as necessary as pre-registration. Children from 9 to 15 years old can go to joint rehearsals on May 6 from 4.15 to 5.30 pm in the building of the music school on Rolandstraße 3 in Schalke. Young people aged 15 and over are welcome from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM. Subscription is free.

The head of the music school assures that there have always been certain ups and downs in the past. But this time, no one new took charge of the children leaving. This has led to this loosening of staff,” explains van den Berg Bremmer. Other campaigns, such as choir tours or public appearances, which would previously have always ensured a steady flow of new interested parties, no longer existed as advertising opportunities due to Corona.

Changes in personnel should lead to restart

In order to push the restart, there are also some staff changes at the music school: Diana Petrova Darnia is the new director of the children’s choir. She lives in Schalke and has made a name for herself as a musician and opera singer. She is a singing teacher and voice coach and takes care of all singers – from beginners to aspiring professionals. For example, you prepare young people who want to study singing for the entrance examination.

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The director of the youth choir and head of the new section is Tic Boy Tan. He is originally from Malaysia, but also lives in his home in Schalke for a long time and has been working as a vocal coach at the local music school since 2010. Since 2020, as a teacher, he has also been supervising participants in the main subject of singing.

One goal: to get rid of corona fatigue in children and parents

“With these new faces and new motivations, we want to dissipate corona stress,” van den Berg Bremmer says, formulating a primary goal. Because of its length and severity, the epidemic could have resulted in a certain lethargy among children, as well as among parents. So a new choral presentation should also be an opportunity to carry yourself and get active. Parents are invited to accompany their children to the rehearsal today.

And anyone who fears that young choirs will only sing old classics should be told: the range is as broad as it is colourful. “We also sing pop songs and musicals, and we are also interested in film music and folklore,” says Petrova Darnia. But the popular classics were not neglected either. If you want to try it for yourself, today is a good opportunity.

Data and facts about the municipal music school in Gelsenkirchen

According to director van den Berg Bremmer, the music school is studying About 1500 students per year. They are supervised by 52 lecturers. Pupils and teachers come from many countries. “We are as colorful as our urban society,” says van den Berg Bremer.

Another rehearsal opportunity for the children’s choir He must be in the second school in Neustraße in Erle. If the kids stay with us after they’ve tasted it, they’ll have two appointments a week from now on: choral rehearsal plus vocal training.

All information about the Youth and Children’s Choir is also available at: 0209169 61 74.

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