What happens when you realize 27 years later that nothing is what you thought?

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There are always trends and fashion when it comes to crime fiction settings. Years ago, Swedish novels were popular. Dark thrillers in Iceland followed. After the ice and snow, the readers again returned to the mood of flowering landscapes and fragrant fields of lavender: the novels of Provence followed. After that, Portugal became famous on the scene of literary crimes. Germany is back in fashion right now, and thriller films Eiffel and the Alps are in high demand. By chance, Caroline Sroges of Schleswig-Holstein stumbled upon a map of crime on the Internet. Lists where the author can be identified. Almost every region in Germany, large cities, tourist strongholds, coasts and islands are listed. The inner Mecklenburg district was missing and she knows it all too well. In addition, her mother, who comes from Parchem, gave her an extra motive: why not write the thriller Parchem? The result is a wonderfully relaxing thriller.

Caroline Srogis’ first novel is the perfect holiday companion. A thrilling crime story and a love story come together here.

Henry Martinsen is stranded in Parchem by the collapse. He had left his hometown 27 years ago after graduating from high school due to a plot. He had vowed not to return. The Chief Inspector now discovers that his former mentor has been found dead at Lake Walkersee upon his departure. killed. The crime has not been resolved. At the same time, two of Henry’s friends have disappeared. The two are not found. Are mysterious events related? He researches his past environment, with teachers, classmates, friends and his childhood sweetheart Ina. Not everyone is telling the truth. Not everyone is nice to him. Henry has no idea how much danger he puts his family in…

This novel is about the hot summer of 2018 in Mecklenburg. In a flashback, the novel is set in the year 1991. In 2018, Chief Inspector Martinsen fixes a murder case and two missing cases from 1991.

This comforting thriller alluding to northern Germany means: Not a lot of blood, and it’s not about detailed cruelty. A bit of romance and family love is also included. “Tod am Wockersee” is a typical detective thriller, a Emigrated. The reader also tries to find out what happened and who is responsible, perfect for all the relaxed crime buffs who love it when the detective has a tough private life as well as solving a murder.

“I am a qualified industrial writer, obtained an additional degree in industrial management in the 1980s, and have worked in export for more than three decades. This activity, which is fully regulated by the Foreign Trade and Customs Act, requires a creative balance. I am married and have an adult daughter, Isabel, and an elder son His name is Nikolai. I used to write only in the evenings, when the kids were in bed. I only told my family that I was writing. My friend Christine. Only when I wrote my first short story for submission in the competition and got third place did I dare leave the corner,” says Caroline Sruges. On her way to becoming an author, thus offering a glimpse into the next reading on May 16, 2022 at the Clubhouse.

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