caution! New system for dogs – now comes gas duty

New rules for dog owners have been in place since January 1, 2022. How long should a dog go out for a walk? What should be considered when caring for and keeping them and what are the limitations of breeding? We’ve had a look at the new Animal Welfare Act for dogs.

Germans love their pets and especially during a pandemic, the four-legged friends have amassed some popularity points again – many bought a dog while working from home and it seemed like a short work was enough time. About 12.27 million dogs currently live in German homes. In order to better protect the keeping and breeding of animals, stricter laws have now been passed. Here is an overview of the new rules.

Wireless duty

The dog needs adequate outdoor exercise suitable for the species. This means outside your home and definitely outside the kennel. Unfortunately, the duration of the walk is not specified as in the bill. There is still a saying: “A dog is allowed to exercise outside at least twice a day for at least one hour. […] to grant”.

It is important to respond to the dog’s needs. A walk in the park is not enough for most dogs. Many need mental exercise, want to learn and discover new things. There should always be a balance, it is also possible to spend the day on the sofa with short walks.


Dogs (in rooms) must be allowed to look outside, where they are strictly prohibited – but only as of January 1, 2023. In this case, rooms mean sheds or sheds. Dogs are sensitive and social animals, they should be close to other creatures, not necessarily other dogs, as humans domesticated pets are often enough.

Problem: Dogs can still be kept in kennels. Animal protection organization PETA now fears that many dogs will switch from bonding to kenneling. But even this is not species-friendly for animals. They need a loving home with plenty of exercise and attention.

commercial dog breeding

In the future, the caregiver may take care of a maximum of three liters at the same time. Tip: A reputable breeder usually has no more than one litter at a time until he can take care of it optimally. Education should center around the love of animals or reproduction, not profit. Breeding itself is repeatedly criticized, but it is important not to bring all breeders together. There are very loving breeders who ensure optimal socialization of the young. But you might also consider looking around the animal shelter for a four-legged friend.

puppy handling

Puppies should be in contact for at least four hours a day. This is to ensure the best socialization of dogs with people and other dogs. The temperature of the breeding box should not fall below 18 degrees.

dogs training

Saddle collars or other traumatic devices are prohibited. There was a report about it when the law was introduced, which surprised many: 49 out of 130 sniffer dogs in Berlin were not allowed to take part in operations at the moment. Painful treatments are forbidden and police dogs can no longer work – why? So-called police guard dogs are trained and commanded with collars that can take their breath away for a short time. This is the only way they can end the target dog’s attack on the offender.

Traits of breeding torment

The exhibition ban applies to dogs showing signs of tortuous breeding. This prohibition applies not only to pure breed shows, but to all events where dogs are evaluated, tested or compared. This includes, for example, breeding and sporting events management tests for dogs. The already prevailing ban on showing dogs that have been amputated in violation of animal welfare will also be extended to such events. This includes, among other things, copied tails.

Severe breeding is the excessive hybridization of animals, which means that the life of these animals is possible only to a limited extent. The cause of tormenting reproduction: people find certain trends attractive. Short-headed dogs such as the Pug, French Bulldog, King Charles’ Cavalier or Pekingese are currently experiencing exotic trends. What these breeds have in common: large eyes, a flat nose, a rounded head (the so-called “toddler style”), clumsy legs, a square, stocky body and, often, the “distinctive” crackle.

This rattle is in no way part of this breed. It is an indication that the animal is suffering from shortness of breath. There are plenty of supposedly funny videos of Pugs or French Bulldogs sleeping and sitting, sometimes even in a Buddha pose, circulating online – a clear sign that the dog is choking. Short-headed dogs are the only ones who don’t go crazy because the tube is stuck in their throat after surgery, and this is often the first time they’ve been able to breathe properly.

Harsh breeding traits are still very ambiguous in the new canine law. Because the so-called Merle gene also sometimes leads to serious diseases in dogs. This is a specific coloration of the coat, which occurs mainly in collie breeds, but is now crossed in all possible breeds – why? Because people think she’s beautiful. If you breed two dogs that carry the gene, there is a good chance that at least 50% of the puppies will be born blind, deaf or dead.

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