Mother’s Day: 5 Unusual Flowers to Give Up

A beautiful flower bouquet is one of the most popular Mother’s Day gift ideas. And even after Mother’s Day, gifts with flowers are always a nice gesture. Flowers make you happy, bring happiness and color to your home and also convey a loving message perfectly. But so that Mom doesn’t get the same boring rose bouquet or the 100th orchid from the supermarket this year for Mother’s Day, we’re offering five gorgeous, charismatic flowers that are guaranteed to provide a happy surprise.


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Freesias (Freesia x hybrida) makes the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Brightly colored iris plants are not only beautiful to look at – they also smell irresistible! 100 years ago, delicate spring flowers came to us from South Africa and have been decorating flower bouquets and window sills in pots since then. Freesia is perfect as a Mother’s Day gift: its funnel-shaped flowers symbolize love, loyalty and tenderness, especially within the family. While yellow freesia in particular indicates patience and wisdom, orange symbolizes strength and endurance. Blue flowers symbolize diligence and loyalty, pink freesia’s joy and happiness. Violet emphasizes passion and energy, red symbolizes love and the joy of life, and white freesia promises unconditional love. As you can see, you can’t go wrong with freesia for Mother’s Day!


Buttercup blooms in May, making it a good choice for those looking for seasonal gifts for the holiday. Luminous spherical flower heads stand on stems 20-40 cm high. The flowers can be up to two inches wide and come in white, yellow, orange, pink, or red, and there are also gorgeous bicolors or cultivars with colored borders. The orange in particular symbolizes courage and warmth, and the yellow is a ranunculus, symbolizing the love of life and energy. Giving up ranunculus is a loving compliment. Spring flowers represent admiration and strong allure. With the ranunculus you tell your mother that she is important to you and emphasizes her uniqueness and high value in your life.

Freesias is one of the most popular flowers and rightfully so. Its elegant leaves and fragrant blossoms make it the perfect addition to parties and vases.

Colorful buttercups are available early in the year. Here you can read how to properly grow and care for beautiful bulbous plants.


Gladiolus (tulips) – also called “sword flowers” – are the right gift for a woman of strength. Strength and admiration are part of its mysterious meaning. Gladioli are discarded after well-deserved victories or in recognition of great achievements – perfect for Mother’s Day. As cut flowers, the large flower spikes really make a statement in the vase. The large, funnel-shaped flowers sparkle from white to green, yellow to violet, smoky gray and shades of brown or orange and red, often two or more colors at the same time. Adoration and admiration are expressed by giving tulips as a Mother’s Day gift.


Just say “Thank you!” Say this works best with bell flower. Summer flowering plant is a delicious plant and a charming Mother’s Day gift for those who love soft colors. Their dark blue, violet or white bell-shaped flowers decorate not only the early summer garden, but also the natural flower bouquets with their tall stalks. Crisp bell (Campanula fragilis) and star bell flower (Campanula isophylla) are suitable as houseplants. In the variant of fate, the flower’s greeting to my mother remains forever. One could also call bluebells “family flowers”. Closed cups symbolize togetherness and unity. Plus, Bluebell expresses her appreciation and gratitude – what a lovely compliment!


Looking for something very special, maybe something wild, funky? Then Strelitzia (Strelitzia) is the right choice for you. The exotic parrot flower or bird of paradise flower shows a very special multi-colored flower vaguely reminiscent of the head of a bird of paradise or the head of a heron. Orange bracts are crowned with two or three blue royal leaves. No wonder the symbolism of this flower symbolizes extravagance and exoticism. Immortality is also part of the meaning of Strelitzia. Show her that you think your mom is extraordinary, unique and wonderful and that you never want to miss her.

With its colorful flowers, bluebells (Campanula) are invaluable for the summer garden. This is how planting and care work.

Strelitzia, also known as the bird of paradise flower, is used primarily as a cut flower. Exotic plants with brilliant flowers also thrive in pot culture. Here you can read everything you need to know about planting and caring for your four walls.

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