Blackbird nests among rose bushes at a hardware store

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“She must have her peace”: a blackbird nests among rose bushes in a hardware store in Trier

Perhaps the customer was not expecting this discovery when he went to the outside of a Trier hardware store. The blackbird family nests there, hidden among the rose bushes. How the hardware store employees handle it and why aren’t they surprised at all.

A special guest lives in a hardware store in Trier: the blackbird feels so at home there that it has actually made its nest. Now her chicks have hatched crying for food – not just to get their parents’ attention.

“It was discovered hidden among pots of roses in the hardware store,” Trier artist and TV cartoonist Roland Grundheber wrote of the video, which he posted publicly on his Facebook profile. The video shows a walk through the outside area of ​​a hardware store. The camera moves through a lot of greenery. You can hear loud chirping.

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When the camera stops among the flower pots on a planter, you can see where the birds sing from: a blackbird has built a nest in one of the pots, laid eggs, hatched – and now chicks have hatched.

The blackbird is not the first to breed in a Trier hardware store

“It’s not unusual for us,” says Julia Demmer, garden area salesman at Globus DIY store in Trier, looking forward to our inquiry. Outside, there’s “a lot of air movement,” she says: Robins, big boobs, and blackbirds feel at home there, she says, “They spray in bird baths and catch worms that fall out of pots. That’s always an image of gods.”

Last year, the blackbird built its nest outside the hardware store and attempted to raise the young. “Unfortunately, only one of them succeeded,” Demer says. She can’t determine if the blackbird was bothered by hardware store customers while it was being reared or if the crow had gotten over others.

All little blackbirds must continue this year

This time the hardware store sales team wants to be extra careful. “The blackbird must be at peace,” continues Demer. This is why measures such as barrier tape and special information tags should not be used: “This would draw the customers’ attention more to the nest,” she fears. If the blackbird is restless, it may not eventually return to its nest. Then the young animals would have to starve to death.

Dimmer counts four beaks. But it can also be five or six chicks. You can’t tell exactly when the little ones are still hiding. They hatched last week, she says. They already have very little fluff, otherwise they are almost naked. It can take up to a good month for the blackbird babies to become independent.

Where do bird nests come from in the hardware store?

Demer knows other birds are also breeding at the hardware store. And I’ve already noticed how the serpents overlap the platforms, usually hard to reach and barely moving. This means that conditions are already good for the birds and their offspring. “It’s always a little tricky when customers are looking in the middle to look for something and then the birds get upset,” Demer explains.

Even with new births, she always found nests: “But it was always abandoned,” she says. Their assumption: Depending on where the supplier farmers were previously located, the birds chose pots as the location for their nests, but were then unable to breed in them.

In the blackbird terrier’s nest, special attention is now paid to ensuring the growth of chicks. The planter won’t be moved until then, Diemer continues. You also hope the plants aren’t too fun for the customers to have until they have flowers. She asks people not to search for the nest, so that the young blackbirds remain undisturbed.

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