Learn more easily with children through simple language

Learn concepts more easily: Children can be made to experience the world more easily using newly created words.
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With terms kids understand and love, parents can get to their goal faster in their upbringing – as well as in traffic. But no one should be afraid of kids getting stuck in plain language.

DrOh, it’s amazing that kids listen to every word – if the words are beautiful. Kids I know fall in love with onomatopoeia, and pictorial concepts can make everyday life easier for them and their parents.

Inja Janowicz

Editor-in-chief of the regional department of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and responsible editor of the trade magazine Metropol.

That’s why we initially preferred to call the wound spray we used to disinfect affected knees “Ouch-away-Spray” — and baby bravely endured the brief burning sensation every time. Especially since knees that were already blue or even bleeding are called here as “the knees of a true knight.”

Concern that children will still have childish language is unfounded.

Concern that children will still have childish language is unfounded.

Photo: Kai Felmy

amazing effect

The child still comes home from school with him from time to time, since he has long learned to write such words as cleansing wounds, and understand them anyway. Don’t worry, little ones can get stuck in kids’ language if some abstract technical terms are left out at first, so no one should have them. Children open up more to the world when they can associate something with the words they say and learn. This should also apply to what I consider the most important new term, which works as a miracle cure for us in the urban jungle: stopping stone. Under this name, we have introduced the next generation to pavement, and the effect – not just on our children – is astounding. As if moving to the road was magnetic, the little ones stopped in front of him almost rooted in the spot. And they only lose again when you give them a chance. So the stop and stone message sounds more reasonable than instructions like “Wait at the curb,” “Stay at the curb” or “Look at the side of the road” – what are the curbs and paths anyway?

We can only recommend to all adults to try it on their little ones and wish them all the best in finding more beautiful and clear words for children.

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