Neßlbach announces first newcomers – midway through the race for second – long-distance duels in the relegation battle

In the service of DJK Nesslbach since the summer: newcomers Daniel Kufner (second from right) and Florian Memminger (second from left) with player coach Stefan Altmann (right) and division chief Andreas Sitzberger. − Photo: Association

In the service of DJK Nesslbach since the summer: newcomers Daniel Kufner (second from right) and Florian Memminger (second from left) with player coach Stefan Altmann (right) and division chief Andreas Sitzberger. − Photo: Association

An exciting final looms: in the domestic league in Passau, three clubs are tied in the race for second place. Thanks to a direct comparison, DJK Nesslbach is currently ahead. Regardless of the outcome of the season, the Nesslbachers are already planning for next season: coaches Stefan (29) and Roman Altmann (27) have their tenures extended and two newcomers confirmed. And more transfers could be envisaged, according to department head Andreas Seitzberger (31).

The sporting status quo is more than satisfactory: no team has scored more points in the spring than Neßlbach, who can now even dream of relegation to the region’s league. However, the sharp curve of the figure cannot hide a problem: the player’s blanket may be thicker. Because DJK has struggled in terms of personnel for quite some time, and not just since regular strikers Bartl and Obernhuber pulled out. Now the club is interacting and introducing two new players: Daniel Kovner (22, TSV Aholming) and Florian Memminger (23, SV Schulnach) will wear the DJK jersey from the summer. “We want to position ourselves on a larger scale and go down the path with the young players from the region,” division chief Sitzberger explains.

Daniel Kovner is a versatile midfielder who has made a good impression in training. And Florian Memminger is a welcome boost to the defense, with Andreas Sitzberger seeing a need for action. “In the summer we may lose three players who want to retire or take a break.” Sitzberger did not want to give specific names. At the same time, talks are underway with potential newcomers: “We hope to be able to report on this in the coming weeks.”

The coaches’ whereabouts have already been determined: player-coach Stefan (29) and assistant coach Roman Altmann (27) have confirmed for next season. Her team is currently on track to fall back on promotion, but there is a tough task ahead on Sunday: In Hohenau, a team that can use every point is waiting in the vault of the table and recently defeated Perlesreut and Vilshofen in front of their home crowd. “Experience has shown that this will be an unpleasant game for us,” warns department head Sitzberger. “However, we want to remain successful and pull the front.”

Feuernbach and Tiffenbach, tied on points and on hold, follow the same order. As Vornbacher enters the game as candidates in the “Little Storm”, the hurdle for Tiefenbach appears to be much higher: SV Garham has gained a lot of self-confidence with the win at Tittling and could take a huge step towards remaining in the league with the other three.

1:9 On the Go: Can Eberhardsberg prevent the Berlsrut Championship party?

Meanwhile, the fight against the downward streak promises plenty of explosions: Eberhardsberg and Hohenau are tied on points and fight in a long-distance duel for a rescue spot 10 in the table. There is a lot of optimism in the DJK camp. Something with them in Berlusrut and perhaps postpone the celebration of the championship. One point is enough for the captain to win the title early. If that doesn’t work, there is a risk to Eberhardsberg that Hintereben will approach the stalkers. When Ortenburg was relegated, Wagner’s team was aiming for three points.

Regarding other games: SG Thyrnau/Kellberg welcomes Karpfham to a duel between two neighbors at the table who can still hope for second place. The current level speaks volumes for the hosts, who have picked up five points from their last three matches (only one point for Karpham in the same period). In addition, with Welshofen and Teitling, two “big names” meet, for which the end of the season revolves around the center in the table. – red24 round / Saturday, 2 p.m.: Garham-Teffenbach (go 2-1); 3 p.m.: Perlesreut – Eberhardsberg (9:1), Vilshofen – Tittling (1:1); Sunday, 3pm: Hohenau – Neßlbach (1:2), SG Thyrnau / Kellberg – Karpfham (3:1), Ortenburg – Hintereben (0:7), Hauzenberg II – Vornbach (1:2).

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