A cafe that prevents children under five from entering the house

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to: Ulrich Hagen


Café owners prevent children under the age of five from entering. You no longer want to deal with clutter, noise, and chaos. This raises discussions.

Hanley/Stoke-on-Trent – It’s the hot topic in quiet Hanley, the most populous of the six towns that make up Stoke-on-Trent in central England. The owner of a café in the city center decided to firmly refuse entry to children under the age of five in his establishment. The ban on children now – like a chef who doesn’t want vegetarians in his restaurant – is making headlines and causing riots in comment columns on social media.

City in England: Stoke on Trent
resident: 256.127
boycott: Staffordshire
measuring: 93.45 km²

The cafe will not allow children under five years of age to enter: “they are making dirt and screaming”

“Sorry, no children under five” – ​​the sign outside “Harley’s Cafe and Coffee Bar” in Hanley’s Fountain Square leaves no question unanswered. Unlike the vegetarian cafe, from which the mother was expelled because she brought a meat snack for her child, families with children are generally not welcome here. Tony and Beverly Flackett, who run the restaurant, which recently reopened after a £100,000 extension and renovation, chose the ban on children “because they run around and make a mess – and their parents aren’t looking for them”. There are no toilets for children.

The owners forbid children under five from entering their café to “make a mess and chaos” when their parents aren’t watching. Many mothers are angry at this. (24hamburg.de montage) © Westend61 / Celtik / IMago Images

Children should stay outside: “Sorry, no children under five” written in front of the cafe

“We have a lot of valuable stuff here, and we don’t want them to start messing with it,” says Flackett, whose venue is decorated with numerous music, movie, and sports memorabilia hanging on the walls and ceiling. Strong advocate for Stoke-on-Trent Live, its local, region-free news service. “We don’t have room to put strollers everywhere, we’re not exactly a big coffee shop.” After the report, outrage is now circulating on social media.

Because they’re running around and making a mess – and their parents aren’t looking for them.

“So it’s a coffee shop that sells cheap, unhealthy food to the unemployed, people who depend on welfare, and the retired.”

“So the owners don’t want young families or disabled people to go to their restaurants. This is a disgusting situation,” says Pushboy. Another user, perhaps a busy family man, is even more drastic: “Let’s get to the point: It’s a café that sells cheap, unhealthy food to the unemployed, welfare-dependent and retirees who have nothing else to do with their lives.”

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Lots of applause: “Bad sausage breeding, bossy mob”

But child defectors are also called upon to take action: “Too many places are parents whose children naturally do nothing, and no one is allowed to complain about poorly raised sausages. And some of us appreciate those who have the courage to stand up to this tyrannical mob!” ”, as the letter stated, ‘Mothers are playing on the phone, children are playing on the nerves of the guests. You are left to your own devices and you squeeze everyone. While Mom is playing.’

Ad for haters of kids: “Judging by the comment, you probably were born 20!”

The response to the outright aversion to children comes immediately: “Judging by the comments, some of them weren’t even born until the age of twenty,” says the sarcastic. It remains to be seen whether the “adults only” concept will work and will eventually be measured by sales. And about whether paninis, sandwiches, wraps, and what’s supposed to be the best breakfast in the area find enough adult customers who need a break and don’t have a bambini attachment. * 24hamburg.de and kreiszeitung.de offers from IPPEN.MEDIA

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