Dunkin Ducks – 2D ducks with potential for success

“Wait a minute—it somehow reminds me of something,” might be your first reaction when you see the Dunkin Ducks NFT set for the first time. Admittedly, the duck is very similar to another world-famous duck from a very huge American company. But this is also the intention of the creators. Because Dunkin Niklas, Dunkin Louis, Dunkin Yusuf and Dunkin Logan, the team behind Dunkin Ducks, are inspired by old Disney comics and want to give NFT owners a little nostalgia that they felt when flipping through old brochures and books.

On the road in Solana’s endless expanses

While Ethereum is the most well-known and largest blockchain for NFT art, the Dunkin Ducks team chose the Solana blockchain to deploy the NFT, which may be due to the faster transaction speed.

So the ducks move in the infinite expanses of Solana’s space. Visually, Dunkin Ducks is a bit like Donald Duck. However, unlike their distant relatives, these have the eye of a cyborg. By the way, the first 1,111 ducks that were dumped are male ducks. Each gets their own individual look through different costumes, eye shapes, headpieces and accessories.

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Then the male ducks followed 555 females in April of this year. Similar to Axie Infinity, it should also be possible to breed Dunkin Ducks. In May the little ducks should wake up. P2E is also scheduled to appear this month. Visit the Dunkin Ducks website for regular updates.

duck benefit

The Dunkin Ducks team aims to provide long-term value to NFT owners. With the “Bread Code”, you can make passive income by betting. However, the amount you can bet depends on the Dunkin Duck you own. Basically, the more rare the duck, the higher the staking value. There is a shop about to expire where baking tokens can be spent on merchandise.

In addition, owners have the opportunity to view Dunkin’ Ducks in a private museum. There you can also exchange ideas with other owners and meet virtually. Plus, Dunkin Duck holders can look forward to occasional gifts and 50% off the upcoming 3D collection.

Similar to the Bored Ape Yacht Club, there is also the option to transform a Dunkin Duck with a special serum. Then you have both the mutant and normal duck. Regular cooperation with other NFT projects is also planned.

By the way: For every Dunkin Duck NFT sold, tree makers grow a tree. The team also wants to contribute to the protection of endangered wildlife.

Where can I buy Dunkin Ducks NFT?

Of course, we can’t say at this point if Dunkin Ducks has a future as brilliant as Bored Monkeys or Axie Infinity. But the truth is, the first 1,111 ducks were sold out in no time.

On the contrary, this means that Dunkin Ducks can only be purchased via so-called secondary markets. In this case, it’s Magic Eden and Digital Eyes. The lowest price is currently 0.16 SOL for Magic Eden and 0.60 SOL for Mutant Ducks.

Platinum Rollers Club NFT – The Pack With Huge Potential

The big thing about the Metaverse are the really good value NFTs, of which Dunkin Ducks is undoubtedly one of them. The Platinum Rollers Club – the NFT set by Lucky Block – offers good added value, if not better.

Lucky block NFTs

However, if you are looking for beautiful NFT images, you may not be too happy with the high-quality MP4 quality. Instead of the added value that stands behind NFT. If you are lucky enough to get one of the 10,000 Platinum Rollers Club NFTs, you can participate in the Lucky Block NFT Sweepstakes draw every day. The daily jackpot is currently $10,000 – but it’s set to go up. However, out of the 10,000 NFTs, there are 25 very rare NFTs that are assigned randomly. Anyone who owns one of these things and then wins the jackpot will double their winnings.

The Lucky Block team has come up with two more merchandise for Platinum Roller Club NFT owners. The Lamborghini Aventador will be towed among all holders, based on What a Lambo Meme. Also, each holder has a chance to win a million dollars. The Lucky Block team has also announced other surprises related to Platinum Rollers Club NFT. A few high-quality NFTs are still available at the moment.

The Lucky Block Token already had a dream start when it was released. LBLOCK Coin is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies ever. So one can assume that the associated NFT group has similar potentials.

All important information and new news about Lucky Block, NFTs and Coins can be found in our Lucky Block Telegram group.

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