Skin care for cyclists’ hands

Our hands in winter are often like sandpaper. Frost and cold water in the barn simply cannot be avoided. This is where the right skin care pays off.

“massage your hands”

The hands of the riders in the horse stable are constantly moving and are very tense. This causes a kind of friction on the skin and leads to small abrasions. Added to this frequent friction with water. This increases mechanical skin irritation. In addition, the fat on the skin itself dissolves more, the skin becomes tough and cracks can form. When the weather is cold, the metabolism of the skin slows down. The already scattered sebaceous glands on the back of the hand shrink and release less sebum, so that the natural protection of the skin disappears. It is important to strengthen the skin barrier. Pamper yourself with a grooming ritual: massage your hands with the oil in the evening. Hands become warm, blood circulation is activated, the sebaceous glands return again, and the oil can penetrate the skin and thus ensure regeneration. Also take hand cream with you at the stable. If the leather is very coarse, slip into the riding gloves with freshly pigmented hands. So the leather is also protected while riding.

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Tips for caring for riders’ hands

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Hand care for riders

Weleda AG

Lilith Schwertel, Weleda Natural Cosmetic Expert.

Lilith Schwertel, Weleda Natural Cosmetic Expert.

Natural cosmetics are also based on marshmallow root. The mallow plant forms different types of mucilage in the root and keeps it moist. This also works externally on our skin – along with a soothing effect.

“I only know rough hands very well. I find that the cold and humidity combined with icy winds are worst in the winter. That’s why I wear insulated gloves that are waterproof but breathable. When washing my hands I use a mild or neutral soap that my skin doesn’t dry out anymore. If chapped I use a balm that contains a lot of propolis. It reduces inflammation and rejuvenates the skin.” Martin Wagner, employee of a fellow stable

“Microsilver and Hyaluron”

I work in the barn every day, which puts my hands a lot of pressure. Microsilver hand cream is indispensable to me. The cream also contains hyaluronic acid which is supposed to moisturize my skin. If my hands are too rough and brittle, I rub them with olive oil and wear disposable gloves for a few hours. I don’t use cheap hand creams. I feel the synthetic ingredients are drying out my skin more.

Hand care for riders

Lisa Radlin

Yvonne Götsche, horse trainer from Bad Wimpfen in Baden-Württemberg.

Yvonne Götsche, horse trainer from Bad Wimpfen in Baden-Württemberg

The fat forms a protective layer.

Washing your hands often and very hot or coming into contact with water often – all of this removes the natural protective layer on the skin. Oily hand creams are especially useful in this case. Since it has a large molecular structure, it does not penetrate the skin deeply, but lies on the skin like a thin film and thus protects it from drying out.

Care products such as scrubs, probiotic hand creams, which bacteria form a protective layer on the skin, or moisturizing masks are suitable for hand care after time in the stable. The scrub removes dead skin and makes your hands soft again. The active ingredients of hand creams or moisturizing masks can penetrate deeper into the skin after peeling and thus strengthen it from within.

Tried Tip: For more intensive care before going to bed, put gloves on your hands or wrap them in cling film. This allows the skin care product to soak in particularly well overnight. And if you’re already using face masks at home anyway, you can also use them as a moisturizer for your hands.

Hand care for riders


Nicole Langekob, beautician and jockey from Lierte in Lower Saxony.

Nicole Langkop, plastic surgeon and jockey from Lierte in Lower Saxony.

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